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Date: August 2019
Price - £60.00 
Duration - 30 mins
Location - old market street, bristol
Venue - flat above a shop. It was clean and tidy but could do with some work.
Coms - good 
Parking - no, only on street and its busy
Girl - fantastic ass, lovely tits and tight body. Facally she is pretty.
Service: OW, sex various positions

Meet - Met a few times and given a positive review in the past. At first Evelyn was good for a quick 30 minutes, her attitude has got worse though. She is pleasant and friendly enough but she complains about everything. No reverse oral, my cock is to big apparently (its really fucking not, I have at very best an average size cock) she is always tired. When she rides you she barely moves. She doesnt like putting in anywork. Doggy is ok but she stick her pussy to high in the air. Doesnt like adjusting for easier access. Like to make a few remarks last time I saw her about my love be fair this made me laugh but might upset someone who cares what they look like.

Meet again: No, even though she is only £60 for 30 minutes

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Offline B4bcock

She seems to have her Available Today light showing every day, so she may be gradually burning herself out and not getting enough rest.  I've seen it before with young girls who have worked all the hours they can then suddenly disappear, presumably with a thick wedge of cash.

Pity, cos she is a fit bird and with a bit more thought and effort could have a queue outside her door.

Offline Drewindy


I have seen her twice. First time passable. Second time a little worse. I was just in a bind and she’s always on and cheap so I went in. But yeah you said it’s best. She complains. Not really into. Makes smart ass comments. Definitely would not go back again. Much rather watch a tea uk ounting sesh online with my wank roll.

Offline Hill

I’ve seen her and won’t bother going back, the flats a s**t hole.  She’s about 30 I would say, a small package, flabby ass so clearly doesn’t work out, and while she is friendly I found that not being able to speak a word of English more difficult than I expected, I would’ve had more joy if I’d learnt signing. The nail in the coffin for me was OW which never gets me going. It’s a cheap punt but like everything in life, sometimes you really do get what you pay for.