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My experience with Claudia was just: "meh". Here's the link: https://www.adultwork.com/2228027 or https://www.adultwork.com/CLAUDIA%5F%5F%5F

Quite a lot written about Claudia's skills already, so thought I'd pay her a visit over the weekend. Same location as others have mentioned - right next to a gym, but easy to find. Had a few issues with the automatic door entry but got in eventually.

Maybe my failure at the door entry task put her in a bad mood, I dunno. But there was a certain 'distance' throughout that I didn't like much. Claudia answered the door, taller than I expected, and bigger. She's not a size 8 - I'd say a 10. And she's not especially toned either. For those of you looking for a "real"-looking girl, she'd be ideal I guess. Didn't really do it for me though, I prefer them smaller and more toned. Attractive enough though, so definitely not one of those "oh, you look totally different, I'm walking" situations.

A quick spin through the (ensuite) bathroom to make sure I was clean (despite having had a shower 10 mins earlier), and also used her mouthwash. Business side sorted before we started - £70 for 30 mins, as advertised.

Kissing was not DFK, nor especially enthusiastic - it was open-mouthed but no more than that. Having said that, it did feel quite sensual, so wasn't bad. After a bit of that, we moved onto the bed, more kissing, gradual unclothing which was OK.... like I said, she's bigger than I was expecting so while she's got a decent body, it wasn't the sort of type I usually go for.

She gave me OWO, a bit too much use of hands and not deep throat - just the top 2 inches or so in the mouth, which was annoying but felt alright-ish. I then went down on her, which was the highlight of the punt for sure - beautiful fresh-tasting, tight pussy (tasted of strawberries), I spent ages down there which she seemed to enjoy. Then a bit more OWO before fucking her in doggie and coming inside her.

Oh - I have to mention THE CONDOM!!!! It was black - completely not see-through. It was like putting on a fucking bin liner. I've never seen anything like it in 5 years of punting and 25 years of being sexually active. It was really off-putting actually - the fact it wasn't see through meant that it seemed in my mind to be much thicker than it was - in the end it didn't feel any different to a 'normal' condom, but..... really odd.

So that was that really. Had a quick shower, and left feeling a bit dejected frankly. It wasn't a BAD punt - to be honest the taste of her pussy makes sure of that - but I can hardly class it as a good one either. Hence, the Neutral rating. I was expecting better, let's put it that way. Maybe the fact that my two previous punts were with Goddess Karolina (https://www.adultwork.com/1715274 - fantastic) and then Alisya (https://www.adultwork.com/1865789 - mind-blowing) meant that my bar was set too high. Either way - don't expect fireworks from this one.... a solid GFE experience is about the limit I think.

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