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Author Topic: Have you heard of Ari Dee??  (Read 1170 times)

I have seen an ad saying she is touting in Vauxhall on tour.Has anyone seen her or is this fake??


The thing is she is my cup of tea but I can't find one feedback on her so I'm worried something is up. We don't get many nice punts in Vauxhall so it would be great if she was one.

Plus I'm pretty new to the scene so don't want to land myself in the s%@t.

Fake, fake, fake

It's a scam. Asks for a deposit upfront and provides a fake address to go to. Work in area so was curious as to location. Doesn't exist.

This is the real Ari Dee


She's not touring Vauxhall :)
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I'm gutted as she is f&*king hot. Thanks so much though for the heads up. I'm new to this and want to be as safe as possible.

Any tips how to keep safe appreciated


Pompoy (fatty in Thai) lol

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