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Author Topic: Adultwork Phone number being listed - view!!  (Read 607 times)

Offline Glader

What's your views regarding a number being advertised by an escort?

I understand that they pay for it but that's not my concern!

As a punter

My view is this... If a girl advertises her number on adultwork it doesn't mean you have to be a member of aw to use her services. It's up to the discretion of the girl whether or not she wishes to see the client at the end of the day!!!

9/10 I have never had any issues with an escort by calling and meeting.

But does the number being listed mean that it's unique to adultwork?

Some girls see it this way and it puzzles me as 9/10 punts I have yet to have any issues with girls who ask - are you on adultwork?

Most of the time my answer is no as a- I keep a low feedback account b- saves time for a meet c- she is paying for advertising so she wants advertised to more people and I don't see it being any different

I would have thought a 30
Second telephone convo is more valuable than scores of feedback!

I'm not a feedback collecter and while most girls have their vetting for security I have never forced a girl to see me but sometimes have been deceptive by calling back a week later stating the opposite for instance if she says she won't see low feedback clients etc I always say no to adultwork but afterwards if I wish to see her again I'd disclose username during or at the end of the meet.

If she only sees adultwork members I sometimes chance it by saying no I don't have an account.

I might be deceptive - at the end of the day discretion is important. As for the new "most popular thread" here - have I done any different to others?

What's your views?

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