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Author Topic: punting and viagra  (Read 633 times)

Offline dave123

Out of curiosity I found myself wading through the ParisB thread on mumsnet and one comment struck me which was the assertion that all men who saw prostitutes had a problem with their dick. Now I realise this isnt something that many of us really like talking about but it was spot on in my case. It was when I had problems getting an erection that my punting habit started and I started to wonder if I wasnt the only one.

Offline a10

FFS! Where in the thread was that? What a load of prissy I-haven't-touched-my-man-in-five-years-but-he's-a-bastard-for-wanting-sex mumsnet shite!

The only problem I have with my dick is that I don't have any attractive and filthy place to put it regularly!

Hence I punt  :hi:

Offline dave123

Getting an erection easily is tied into a man's ego and your response is exactly that. I sincerely hope you don't ever have the same problems as I'm not sure you would cope very well. But clearly I'm not in the minority on this site as the many threads dedicated to this issue. My thought was did others turn to punting as a result of this.


Some people never reach the age of reason and like a small child believe their random opinions of the world around them to be self evident truths.

If this is true of one member of an Internet forum is it true of all of them?

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