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Author Topic: Compensation from agencies  (Read 865 times)

Offline Bengeo13

From your experiences do you have any comeback with the escorting agencies when things go wrong? For example I ring up and ask about the availability of a particular girl at a certain time and I'm told they are free so the booking is made. When I arrive at the street I call again and I'm provided with the exact address. Within a minute or two I'm knocking at the door but there's no answer. In fact I try several times but no joy, so I ring agency again who tell me they will find out what is happening and report back. In about 5 minutes they call back and say they can't get the girl because her  phone is switched off, so I leave suitably frustrated. The agency apologised but should they offer me a discounted session or suchlike?

Online James999

From your experiences do you have any comeback with the escorting agencies

Agencies are just Pimps, they don't give a fuck, book direct and cut out the pimp  :music:

Offline Daffodil

There's no comeback, but if they have any business sense (and that's a big fucking if) they will try to appease you in someway.

Don't forget to leave the agency and the girl a negative review  :hi:

Offline vorian

I understand that agencies are more prevalent in the North and I am, lucky in the South East, lots of Gold Standard Indies to choose from but I don't get agencies, it costs more, they seem to fuck people about, the prossies never seem that happy with them, they put you on banned lists and they have the most photoshopped pictures in the world.

 Is it just a case that in the North punters have no choice but to use agencies as the indie scene is so poor or is it more of a cultural thing.  :unknown:
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Offline AnthG

The agency apologised but should they offer me a discounted session or suchlike?
I personally think they should. And there is no harm in asking.

The two big north east agencies (Amour and Diamonds) the owners actually say many times for people to come to them direct if you are not happy and they will work something out.

I am guessing the same would apply for ENE too but up until recently they have been a bit of an enigma on the forums as the owners were members of none of the punting forums. But this changed last month. So if you have a poor punt with them its always worth dropping the owner a PM here to ask for a discount of your next booking. Think of it this way they are going to look a bit off saying "no" in response to such a request.

Here is the owner of ENE's account here


'Dropping the owner a PM?' If the likes of Diamonds gave a fuck about the customer why would they employ so many Romanians? Any business should be judged by the quality of their employees! Sheer fucking stupidity!

Offline Xemit

I've had one occasion in the past where an Agency has offered me a reduced rate on my next booking after a bad meet. I didn't actually take them up on it as the meet in question was so bad it turned me off punting for a good 6 months or so, but they did seem genuine at the time.

That said, in that case it was because the girl essentially tried to rip me off and created a bad situation. I'm not so sure you'd be likely to get any offer of compensation for a meet that simply didn't happen. All you can do if that happens is call them at the time you get stood up and express your dissatisfaction and see what they have to say - whether or not they see it as sufficent to offer some form of compensation would be entirley down to their discretion.

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