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Author Topic: Charlotte Eaton  (Read 2364 times)

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She used to be on AW as Charlotte 123

When i made the booking i was very specific about what i wanted, GFE, OWO and i wasn't to bothered about sex.

After arriving i was slightly surprised as she'd obviously put some weight on from her photos ( a good guess about 4-5 stone) she showed me the way to the bedroom and pointed out the en-suite, i took that as a hint to have a shower, not a problem even though i'd had one about 30mins previously before i left home.

Anyway when i emerged from the shower she got me onto the bed no sign of any kissing, she then gave me a massage even though i hadn't asked for one after about 10mins she turned me over and put a condom on and started to give me a BJ then after about 10mins she invited to get on top and fuck her after about 10-15mins i finished and that was that, she layed there talking for the next 30mins no attempt at round 2 or any interest in getting me up again.

Not impressed :angry:


Good review,

I had tried to book her when she was on AW but there was always a reason why she couldn't see me, sounds like 'I dodged the bullet' :hi:

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