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Took place a couple of weeks ago,she was staying in a hotel near chester station,very easy access.Arranged meeting and time,with the normal phone call for room number all good.has said i wanted a 15 min meet with watersports,no sex just hr after the soaking.Got room number off i went,all good i thought,arrived at the room normal hiding behind the door,got paperwork out of the way i undressed Lauren sat on the bed.i walked over to her started to play with her breasts,she was plaing with my cock i mentioned watersports she said will take place in bathroom,still playing with my cock i asked about kissing she said no,i then reached down to play with her pussy,we both lay on the bed then,she proceeded to wank me,i said watersports she replied in a minute,she continued wanking,must say very robotic nothing sensual.i thought just cum and get out of here.which i did,would i see her again.definately A NO,just felt there was no interest and no intention of watersports
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8 review(s) found for MissLaurenNew linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

I saw her a number of years ago prior to my ukp days and was completely underwhelmed too.  She had a flat in Salford at the time that had cat litter trays everywhere and stunk of cat piss, apart from that the punt was shit as well!  It would have been a red from me, yours op sounds like a very generous neutral!

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Thanks for the review - useful.

Sounds like a negative to me though

Was considering her as she's pretty easy to get to. This review's put me right off, thanks for saving me a few bob, OP.

Holy molly! She is off my list! Thanks for the heads up!

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Plenty of warnings about this girl, one from myself, she is absolutely rank and an utter rip off.

I saw her years ago first for P+D when she worked at the New Retreat parlour and also once as an Indi in a South Manchester flat.
Cats everywhere, stoned and an average service that was ruined by excessive chatting throughout an entire hour punt.
The difference between her ten year old pictures on her AW profile and the most recently taken couple of amateur shots is shocking. Not aged gracefully at all...........

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I sent her an email this morning before checking reviews on here, she read it within 8 minutes then profile deleted. I wonder if she has just seen here too!