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Author Topic: Tiny_Niki?  (Read 901 times)

Has anyone experienced the service of Tiny Niki ?

I seem to recall her name popped up is some other thread and I think some were suggesting that her boat-race was a bit on the plain side- she did show her face on a previous profile as I recall. Seems a bit too good to be true at £50 per hour though. I have as yet to enjoy a punt with a Polish pro$$ie as I tend to find them a bit cold and mechanical, but if that rate were genuine it might be a risk worth taking,..... or am I looking to feed too low down the gene pool as usual? Mind you in this day and age Lidl and Aldi are giving the more expensive supermarket outlets a run for their money, offering equal quality at lower prices...could this experience be duplicated by Tiny Niki in the punting world I wonder. Tempted to suck it and see as long as I wasn't going to be charged sucking as an extra  :hi:

https://www.adultwork.com/2337104 or https://www.adultwork.com/Tiny%5FNiki

Offline Jason

Have you checked her verification photo?  She is mediocre to bad looking and according to her ID she was born in December 1973 (so she is currently 40 not 27 as advertised- quite obvious from the picture anyway). 

So £50 per hour is not surprising and it is definitely not too good to be true. I would never punt such a prossie even for free. But each to their own.
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Mmmm... not sure she is real or serious. Quite high entry fee for her PG, telephone number keeps disappearing even when she has recently logged on, which could also mean she is not clocking up enough credit to keep it up, if you pardon the pun. Ashamed to say that after years of looking at Adultwork, I tend to forget to check what lurks behind the verification photos artwork sign as the photo is invariably hidden, so thanks for the link. I think I am getting too jaded for this punting lark as I seem to be sitting on the sidelines speculating. Could be coming to the end of the trail. I fear that if my next plunge is  into a bad experience (haven't plunged for months) it will be the last straw. In the "old days" that uncertainty would be a part of the joyous risk worth taking, with so many unsubtle looking scammers about, I seem to be forcing myself to be tempted...it's not the same as being uncontrollably tempted  :unknown:

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