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This is not a report on a trio, but a compendium review of 3 relatively new Olina girls who I have seen in the last couple of months.

My benchmark for service is Jessie, formerly of Olina who has sadly returned to Thailand.  Jessie is my benchmark 10/10 and those of you who had the pleasure will, I hope, agree.  So when I say that each of these girls is a 9 you will see that this is praise indeed. 

Anna is the largest of the 3, a 12 pushing 14 dress size, but she is not fat, she has a fine body, she is just a big girl. She is a pretty, friendly girl and all services were provided with enthusiasm. DFK through out, good OWO, enthusiastic sex in any position. Finished in her mouth and she sucked my balls dry. Allegedly offers anal but did not partake.  Anna is one of the those rare WG's who make you believe she is enjoying herself as much as you are.

Tracy is the most beautiful of the 3, lovely face and lovely slim body but unfortunately ruined for me by the over large fake tits.  However, I know that for many the fake tits would be a positive. As with Anna, DFK throughout, good oral, and sex in every position. Another friendly charming girl, engaged and enthusiastic if without the 'enjoyment' acting skills of Anna.

I would say that Anna and Tracy are 25 to 28, Monica is the youngest, claims 22 and I would say that is accurate. Cracking little body, 6/8 dress size, all natural.  Another charming friendly girl, good DFK, very good oral, sex in every position, all provided in an engaged and enthusiastic manner. Again not as good as Anna in the 'enjoyment' department but very good.  Again anal allegedly available but did not ask.

Monica has the advantage of having big mirror above the bed, Anna and Tracy have mirrors but they are not well placed and are not easily moved.  (So come on agencies, if you are reading this, get Anna and Tracy a big mirror.)

I would say that these 3 are a refreshing addition to the Thai scene given the (IMO) poor choice amongst the existing Thai agency girls where you have either the 'professional' mechanical milfs (Donna, Kiki, Mata) who are to be fair,  not bad punts, but for me, at least, are not worth £150; or you have the relatively younger girls (Gigi, Indie, Nana) who provide a terrible service and are definitely not worth £150.


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I've just noticed a new Thai girl 'Sweet Anal Pattie'

She's part of the 'Capslock' pimp group but she does look interesting.  Anyone seen her?

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Cheers for the reviews.
Did you get a CIM from Monika?
She looks good on the video.

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CIM was definitely available but I didn't take it up.

Do you think they are recording from behind the big mirrors?

Posted a review of Anna a couple of weeks ago. Enjoyed myself and returned recently.

To answer a question of her age she told me she is 30, I didn't try anal although she allowed me to stick a thumb in her butt while in doggy. She was pretty good second time out, but as is the norm you start to see the Sp's working routine on a return visit.

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CIM was definitely available but I didn't take it up.