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Duration: £150 for 60m

Location: Bayswater

Wow, this girl is a solid 8.5 in the pics, and remember I'm biased towards less busty girls, yet when I turned up she's actually even prettier - for some reason the lighting (or even makeup) in the pictures gives is a bit of "fake" 90's look and having her in real life shows her through modern filters, one of the few times I'd say someone looked better and perhaps slightly younger (truly mid 20s) in real life. Anyways, a beautiful face with a stacked body on a small and slim frame - I got the ice pick out for this one, I'm surprised I didn't stab myself.

We started off with assisted shower which was divine, squirming in that tight space with such a bod - all with a bit of light kissing with tongue, I swear if she just touched me a little more I could've finished things early, that's a testament to how turned on I was, not that she was trying to. Onto bed, and into a delirious snogging nipple sucking grope fest, she seemed to really enjoy this and everything felt natural and good humoured with an easy smile. After OWO with nice technique, licking and full eye contact for a good 10 minutes - we reversed oral where she encouragingly pushed my head into her groin and arched her body in the most sexy manner, at this point I was mostly transfixed by how gorgeously pretty she is and hoped that if was to do die of a heart attack it would happen after I cum. On with the mac, and went through my usual motions, her on top, missionary and doggy - her receiving it gallantly and showcasing her flexible body, before finishing with hand as I eyeballed her amazing body, I simply felt like unloading freely and suffice to say I came pretty hard - upon which she clamped her mouth over mine and carried on draining me for what I was worth, she was fucking killing me and it was rapturous. Had a massage after which was actually pretty good (quite hard and therapeutic unlike the skin rub you usually get) and bless the girl, she even tried to get me cum again without any indication on my part, had to stop her saying it probably won't happen but you can't beat that sort of attitude.

Overall, I'm blown away - this girl has it all, the looks, the service and the attitude, she'll be a regular repeat and there is literally only two other girls in my 15 year punting history I would put in that category. #FeelingGrateful

On a side note, I've not really bothered with Thai girls until the last year (you can check my review history) but within the space of several months I've had two top tier experience (other is Zelda / ex Ariel @ Olina) - seems like I've been missing out all these years - perhaps a trip is on the cards...

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She's fairly racking up the good reviews. The only thing holding me back from booking is that none of the reviewers seem to have received rimming from here despite it being on her services list. Any indication if this was available?

She's a real beauty for sure. Didn't go for RIM when I saw her two weeks ago and she's not keen on CIM. But I still had a great 90 minutes. Been out of the UK since then and was hoping to find a review for an Anna/Tracy duo.

I reckon you can just text Olina and they can ask for you...