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Author Topic: cardiff parlors  (Read 1774 times)

Offline walshy101

any one know of any others

1st choice
number 19
the retreat

Offline Corus Boy

No. 19/Mystiques/Bay Massage, is very exposed front door with three takeaway food outlets close by.

Angels, I've not seen much good written about it lately and also a very exposed entrance.

Offline SirPhilipXX

There is plenty of information on this recent thread: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=15665.0

Angels has had some truly awful reviews recently, I suggest you avoid it: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=20223.0
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Offline SirFrank

I'm not sure why anyone would visit a knocking shop now. I've not been for about 10 years. I had some pretty shit punts in Cardiff parlours
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Offline snaitram99

"leisuretime" posted this in a non-Wales thread. I think it's relevant to re-post here.

"I cant remember what they were called in at the time but my first visit was to the place on Lochaber Street, this would have been late 1988 or 1989, I moved down there in 1987. Typically had 3 girls working, wearing long white coats, the type a chemist would wear with heels and stockings. I liked that place because it as always quiet outside. Could not care less now.

Then went to a place off City Road, was at the back of the shops, there was an alley down the side of the shops and the entrance was at the rear. This was my place of choice. Always loads of girls. I spent time sitting the 'Living Room' with them. Two of my all time favorites worked here Sandy and Zoe. Sandy from Manchester who once told whoever had banged on the door several times to tell her my time was up "Fuck off he is licking my cunt" and Zoe a young Welsh girl who introduced me to rimming.

I also used the place on Woodville Street had my first two girl here. Then a new place open at the top of Crwys Road and I went here a lot. Mainly local girls 2 maybe 3 at a time and this was my favorite call Saturday lunch time having just finished on the docks.

There was another place more city centre was on like a triangle in the road, heading out of the city towards Penarth Road. First time I got fluffy with a girl here, haha"

Offline HughJardon

In ascending order the first is Retreats, 2nd one off city road with the Alley is Ambassadors the woodville location is Abygales.

Zoe worked for a time in the kandi shop newport, I was makking her one evening and the electric went off, I still finished myself off but felt short changed, she was from merthyr if its the same girl, brunette petite, filthy little welsh honey.
Good memory though Snaitram, I was an out n out regular at Angels, which then had a plethora of welsh fayre, not an italian or spanish girl in site  :wackogirl:
Loved Kittens in Newport and the place at Albert avenue, which had loads of Swansea gals frequenting. 40 pound half hour full on sessions...good times  :D

Offline snaitram99

Good memory though Snaitram, I was an out n out regular at Angels, which then had a plethora of welsh fayre, not an italian or spanish girl in site  :wackogirl:

The memories are those of member "Leisuretime". Mine don't go that far back, although am old enough to, but yes familiar with Retreat, Angels, and former A1 on Crwys Road as well as occasionally no.19 down the Bay.

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