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Author Topic: good ratings or bad?  (Read 578 times)

Offline john boy

on AW when you see a escort with no rating and one pic youd think scam and probably avoid 9x out of ten youd be right
but some genuine ones with 200 400 600 plus happy customers would you also avoid them and think fuck me shes been with everyone
iam not daft enough to think that ones that have 5 maybe ten ratings havent seen more than someone who has 600 plus on theres
 i just think it looks bad to show youve been with so many . how many of you drive to a punt wondering how many has she been with today yesterday last week last month i doubt you do but when its there telling you how many does that bother you
 i wonder what they would think if we had to show how many wed beed with would they refuse to see us because wed been with half the northeast just a thought
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Offline daviemac

Do you actually believe ratings on AW? you must be the only one.  :unknown: 

Offline john boy

some are true ive wrote them myself , but your right , dont belive all you see
my point was i just think it makes the person with hundreds of ratings look like theve been hammered to death
 going back to what you said about beliving them , the best ones are when a punter leaves a bad rating the escort always comes up with
 a answer as to why the punter was the one in the wrong some of them are hillarious
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So apparently this is the escort with the highest feedback in the North East


Not much of a looker is she?  Obviously the men she has seen have been satisfied with the service though.  I wouldn't book her.  I'd love to know how many times she has been fucked.  Given that not everybody leaves feedback I wouldn't be surprised if it's over 5000

7 review(s) found for Lucy-Lane linked to in above post (4 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline john boy

She must never be off her back and like you say not
Everyone leaves feed back .
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