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Author Topic: Michelle  (Read 1534 times)

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Offline Queynte


Thought I'd do another review to stimulate chat.

I haven't seen this girl for a few months but definitely a positive.

Looks 7/10. Photos are her, although air brushed. Need to die her hair roots more often too.

Body 7/10. Nice slim figure. Although I'm not sure if she is as big as a D cup

Effort 10/10. Really likes to please and offers everything on likes list.

Accommodation 6/10. Moves around. I've seen her twice in student rent quality flats.

Negatives: is not the girl on phone. Clearly some centralised pimp phone answering service. Also her own English is limited so don't expect in depth chat. Is she really Spanish? Probably not.

However, I will see her whenever she tours near me.  Also note she has an unused profile on AW.

Offline Third Man

mmm... Obviously not real pics, not verified, ...

Offline Queynte

They aren't fake, just air brushed. Verified photos on that site mean nothing

Offline Third Man

oh right, been thinkin of using this site and was looking at beatrice who has a few reviews. Adult work is hopeless unless in edin. Was hoping verified meant something.do you use this site much?

Offline Queynte

It's more misses than hits on escort scotland in my opinion

Offline seeker

Totally useless site ....they would verify a cow with lipstick on :lol:
The prossies ues fake pics, then  :dash: :dash:  opt out of the reviews as thier fakes  :dash:
And if any punter does manage to leave a bad
Reviw he will get banned.
Prossies pay to advertise so its a site that backs the prossie no matter what  :mad: :mad:
Bait and switch heaven.

Offline Third Man

thanks for advice i see now that bait and switch is a real possibility

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