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Saw this girl last week, needed something local(ish) at short notice and Loulou316 was the only thing going on the day.

Everything conducted via adultwork.  Full address given at time of agreement.

70 for half an hour (opted for), 120 for the hour.

Owo, fs.

As mentioned before, the lady in question lives on a  brand new housing estate at the extremety of Calne. Again, wasn't on my sat nav. Google maps did work however.

Brand new terraced house on street still under construction.  House was dirty, white walls, marks everywhere. Carpet could use a decent hoover.  All action is conducted in living room adorned with family pictures, kids boyfriend/husband etc. (nice).

The Girl
AW profile has few pictures, none that contain her body. So I was impressed that she did actually have a usable body when greeted at then door. Dress size 12/14, average height 5,7. C cup tits perhaps. Age, mid 30s. Friendly.

As mentioned everything conducted in the living room on a well used couch which was off-putting. Money handed over, she stips, I strip, she goes in for some dfk before giving me some okay owo. While this is being delivered I clock the family snaps on the wall. I qss her to get up off her knees and we kiss again, we're stood up and I'm finger blasting her , she has her leg rested on her couch at this point. I'm directed to sit on the couch, and she delivers more owo. I'm now sat facing pictures of kids again. Not good.
She suggests sex and presents me with a rubber which she unwraps and fits to me. Cowgirl sex, with her decentish tits in my face. Then me on top which wasn't great give the angle of the couch and then some doggy. Finished up, quick chat about Calne.

The house was overly hot and I was glad to leave slightly early.

OK girl, not really my cup of tea though. Decent action, perhaps should have explored services a bit more.  Personality okay. Would I return, probably not.

3 review(s) found for Loulou316 linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

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You rated this as a positive, but it reads neutral (or worse).

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Yep, apologies. Should be a neutral.

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Yep, apologies. Should be a neutral.

Cheers for taking the time to write this up - Rating altered as you confirmed a neutral :hi:

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Many thanks for correcting.