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Author Topic: Nympho Camilla Worcester 2338265  (Read 856 times)

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Offline Stew

A negative review even though I didn't see the lass so at least I didn't waste my money, just time and petrol.

https://www.adultwork.com/2338265 or https://www.adultwork.com/Nympho%5FCamilla%5F20

No feedback but that's not the end of the world in a lot of cases especially when they're new so I thought I'd take a punt.

I phoned her one evening last week and arranged a time. Her English on the phone was OK and she texted me the address of the hotel in Worcester where she was staying.

I got there 5 minutes early and texted "I'm here"

I got a reply "10 minutes".

I waited for well over 20 (Yeah I know, but I was enjoying a tricky level of Gem Blast on my mobile) then after I saw what I assumed to me another punter leave the very spartan hotel I sent another text "Are we still on?"

No reply. I started the motor up and fucked off. I got about 1 mile up the road and a text arrived. So I pulled in the nearest side street to read it.

The text said "Yes"

I sent a text "Give me 5 minutes".

So I turned round and went back thinking "FFS" a lot.

I sent a text when I got back to the hotel "I'm back at the hotel"

Then I saw someone hanging out of a window either flashing a torch or taking pictures. A taxi pulled up in the car park right under this window, then after what looked like a brief exchange it buggered off. I'm watching this through a rain splattered windscreen across the car park at night so actual detail was hard to spot. This cab (or another very similar Hackney Style cab) then appeared on the road the other side of the car park and some "characters" got out and ran over the road to the back door of the hotel. I know where both doors are and they didn't appear round the other side of the hotel either. It's only a 3 storey Inn not a big chain hotel.

I decided I'd had enough and buggered off after sending a final "I'm out of here" style text.

I had no further texts from her.

No idea what was going on but it all seemed a bit odd to me and I saved myself some quids.

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Was it her hanging out the window?

She seems to have messed you around a little outside but I suppose we can all over run etc.... If you cant say the taxi's were her pimps or heavies etc i'd have done mild neg or neutral...

Do you think you were being over sensitive - albeit its always best to go with gut instinct

Offline JT100

Think you may have had a lucky escape there, Stew

Offline Stew

Hi Pres

 I got a bad vibe and the place looked deserted and most of the car park was flooded a few inches in water from the nearby Severn with about 3 cars parked in it. Only 1 or 2 lights on in the entire building. I had a wee walk round at one point to stretch my legs. I saw 1 guy come out in the time I was there. The hour I wasted and the lack of a final "Sorry but I'm too tired, can't be bothered or whatever" text made me give a Negative.

She could be genuine, and the lass hanging out the window and cab-o-guys had no connection with her. I could be wrong but I'd had enough by then and went home for a tug and even though I gave a Neg, I explained right at the start that I didn't see the lass so fellow punters can take that on board, read my tale and form their own conclusions. Probably something like "That Stew is a bit of a nob" but hey ho.


You ent a knob bud - always best to do as git tells you and ive been done over a few times :/

She obv did delay on replies etc  :thumbsdown:

Offline dilettante

I hate it when girls only do incalls but their location contains a string of places that punters might conceivably be willing to 'commute' from, that being entirely their own business, not hers.

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