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Author Topic: House of Divine Private Party  (Read 1789 times)

Offline vt

It says on the HoD schedule that HoD2 in NW8 is closed on Saturday 8th Feb for a private party.

I know quite a few guys on here are HoD regulars, just wondering if anyone has an invite?? :unknown:


Offline andrei

i may be wrong but dont the divines live in that place on the weekends, it might be a non punter private party
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Who cares? I personally chose to stop giving them money a while back.

Offline vt

i may be wrong but dont the divines live in that place on the weekends, it might be a non punter private party

MrD always said that they used the South Ken apartment as a weekend pad. But then I remember someone saying on the Olga thread that another family member used the place regularly.

HoD2 is now at a new place in St Johns Wood, so might be a 'housewarming' with select invitees. It could well be a non-punter private party, but either way strange to announce it publicly, you would have thought it would be better to put 'closed for maintenance' or something.

Offline Straife

I doubt its an actual prossie party as there doesn't seem to be enough girls to work it when looking at the MK schedule. I reckon its just a normal, private party. The Divines love to show off and act like they're a big deal ,so I'm not surprised they'd announce a normal party on their website. :hi:

It's been amended now.. Message received by the looks of it.

I was thinking of dropping in, you know, bottle of Chablis and starting the convo at the door  with  "Hi, I was just passing and noticed you were in.... Yes would love pineapple and cheese on a stick.. Oh look over there, there a massive free for all gang bang taking place in the living room!

I bet their new neighbours can't wait.

Kinda wound me up - the thought that they were having a 'select regulars' party, which seeing as I am hefty HoD regular, was a fairly ill judged cause it just irritated me at not being invited.

Logic says it's just them having a house warming.

I'm going to find out.....

Offline Ass-Bo

Yes, I heard it is a welcome back party for Olga  :D :lol: :D

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