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Author Topic: You ever had one of those days?  (Read 640 times)

Well, last night I was researching my next punt and had narrowed it down to either Ashley or Mischa at Diamonds.
With a decision to make I went to bed. I had the most vivid dream ever with the most worrying part of it was where i was stark bollock naked with a swollen cock with a huge spot on it!

Woke up this morning, got dressed as per usual and on my way to darlington rang diamonds, only to be told that both ladies were not working today (this happened in my dream)
Got to my meeting and it was cancelled as the organizer had a knock in her car and couldn't make it (this also happened in my dream)
Did some more hunting about for a punt, but I was fairly bothered at this point that I  might be tempting fate, came home and had a wank instead to some porn!!!

Ever had one of those days........I'll try again tomorrow

Offline nicentrim88

U just need to hope your cock doesn't swell up and develope a spot .  :D

Offline Barry Shipton

Well don't read this article about the 10 worst things that can happen to your cock I found in Men's Health or you will be having more nightmares!

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