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Author Topic: Samantha10 - Cardiff  (Read 3625 times)

2 review(s) for samantha010 (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline aardvark

https://www.adultwork.com/2132329 or https://www.adultwork.com/samantha010

I have seen Samantha twice.

The Place
A terraced house near the end of a quiet road near Gabalfa roundabout.  Street parking is available.  Most recently, the room is on the ground floor although I have seen her in an upstairs room.  It is a fairly standard room with a reasonably comfortable bed.  No shower facilities were offered to me – whether she would make them available if they were asked for, I don’t know.  When at the house, I have heard another person moving about.  She says that it is her home, so presumably this is another family member or friend.

The Communications
Initial contact was made via AW emails which were answered reasonably promptly.  She provided her mobile phone shortly before the first meeting and I have used that since.

The Lady
In her profile she describes herself as being 33 years old.  Clearly she once was ………. probably about 10-12 years ago.  The photos are of her, but are not recent.  They do give an idea of her appearance.  She is reasonably attractive.  She has a very large pair of natural boobs, as can be gleaned from her pictures.  They are certainly not as pert as they once were, but are still reasonably impressive and will please most boob aficionados.  She states her dress size as being 12 – again, no doubt she once was ……….  Voluptuous???  She is now ‘pleasantly rounded’ – not excessively so, although she has a bit of a tummy.  She has had children and bears the marks of pregnancy.  She is a pleasant lady, can carry a decent conversation and seems to have a good sense of humour.  She has longish black hair.  She is English from Bristol (I think).

She kisses nicely, with a little tongue although not full deep french kissing.  Oral is covered – technique is reasonable, not deep throat.  She allows reverse oral.  Tit fucking is very enjoyable due to the size of her boobs.  I am not sure whether she allows facials, but she found it very funny when I overshot her boobs and painted her chin and cheeks!  She is quite happy to receive penetration in various positions doggy, missionary, spoon and seems to enjoy cowgirl.  Anal is not currently on her profile, although it has been previously.  She has readily offered anal to me, although too late in the punt for me to be hard enough to take advantage of the offer – not for want of trying though!!  She does not seem to be a clock watcher.  I enjoyed myself with her.

The Verdict
She is not as she describes herself on her profile and would no doubt disappoint punters for whom early 30s and/or taut body is the limit of their preference range.  She will not be everyone’s cup of tea.  However, she is a pleasant lady who provides all the services on her profile.  When I have seen her I paid £90 p/h.  When I went back a second time, it was as ‘plan B’.  Her rates are now considerably lower at £60 p/h and as such I will return again.  I have no idea whether the current rates are permanent. 
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2 review(s) found for samantha010 linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline SirPhilipXX

Good review Aardvark, I had been wondering about her.

OK so she may now be and little older and larger than she says, but full marks to her for having the sense to realise this and to reduce her rates accordingly.

If anal is available at no extra as you suggest, then £60 per hour is a very tempting rate.

Thanks for the review, sometimes a low price can be worrying but if she is a little older and larger but still good fun and recognises this in her pricing then good for her, she  is now on my list.  :cool:

Offline ianvilla

I managed to see this girl at the end of last week and aardvark's review is spot on IMHO.  :hi:

Offline aardvark

I haven't seen her since she dropped her rates (although it was after she had dropped her knickers .......) so I don't know whether anal is now extra. I suspect it may be as it is no longer on her profile.  Perhaps ianvilla can confirm whether A was aavailable when he saw her.

Another one for the hotlist.

Excellent review.

I'm sure I know her from somewhere....... Her profile says Whitchurch Road and that's mainly rental properties....... maybe I know her landlord   :lol:

Offline aardvark

Is rent payment in kind taxable as a benefit in kind?  If prostitution is the oldest profession, presumably accepting rent payment in kind is the second oldest form of tax evasion.

Offline malenko

Might be one too see next time I'm bored on an afternoon and in Cardiff! There are not many girl in wales that have really big tits so if shes offering cheap titfucks she'll have a lot of buisness from me!  :lol:

Offline ianvilla

I haven't seen her since she dropped her rates (although it was after she had dropped her knickers .......) so I don't know whether anal is now extra. I suspect it may be as it is no longer on her profile.  Perhaps ianvilla can confirm whether A was aavailable when he saw her.

Not my thing, so I am of no help here srry

Offline markw

I saw Samantha recently. Pleasantly surprised at her appearance, as I expected her to look older, after reading the comments here. Facially she's attractive in a woman-next-door kind of way, pretty much like the pictures on AW. Her skin is good, as I reckon she hasn't done too much sunbathing or sunbed-ing, so her skin has remained soft and young looking for a woman her age.

Very slight stretch marks on her breasts, but not anythiing that would put you off. She's had 3 kids, so a bit of a belly, but not too much.

It's a vanilla service, no owo, no reverse oral, but this is clear from her profile, so no problem. She does a bit of the fake "ooh aah" stuff, which I can do without personally, but she's very friendly, pleasant, nice to chat to. For the money she does a good value service, and I would consider seeing her again.
Banning reason: Undesirable fluffy

I've just looked at this lady's profile on AW and her hourly rate has now been reduced further to £50. The way things are going she will soon be paying us to have sex with her!

One question I've got is does she allow you to cum again in the hour? I probably wouldn't be capable anyway but it would be a challenge and the £50 would then seem even greater value.

Offline GeeWiz

Yes to 2 times but rushed and not full hour so more like a parlour than escort.
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