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Author Topic: Info on jessixxx  (Read 1011 times)

Offline xsw21

Hi guys, I’ve read a couple good reviews on jessixxx and she sounds like good fun.

I was wondering if anyone could give a description of what she looks like?

A comparison to a celeb or perhaps even another wg would be really helpful.

Thank you  :thumbsup:


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Offline herbie007

I've seen jessi a couple of times and had a good time with her.

It's worth paying the extra score for giving her one up the bum, she takes it balls deep.

As for for her looks, She's a size 10 pretty brunette girl

 I can't match her looks to any celebrities but she does look a bit like Maggie 21, sorry not a lot of help if you haven't seen Maggie.

Hope this helps.

Offline Gluckman

I clearly have no idea how dress sizes work, I would have put her at 12. Don't get me wrong, her body is tight and great, but my ex was a 10 and smaller than her.

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