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Author Topic: Honey Amber  (Read 1649 times)

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www.adultwork.com/1737312 or https://www.adultwork.com/Honey+Amber

Met Honey Amber some months ago while she was on a tour to London at her very comfortable Central London hotel.  She had responded to a Reverse Booking.  She is a tall, blonde charming Irish lady of about 28.  Quite tall and pretty much a perfect physique.  Her standard rates are prohibitive (for my budget) but luckily my Reverse Booking matched her availability.

Stunning face, physique
Clean, well groomed, fragrant
Punctual, respectful, charming and obviously very intelligent.

Strange to think about it now, recalling all her wonderful positives. On the (more than one) occasions that I met her we shared many kisses, fondling, oral and penetration.  But there was not much passion.  Probably this just reflects the weird way that human chemistry works, or maybe she just has a very deep sexuality.  If I met her on 5 occasions then maybe we'd find an amazing physical understanding - she really is flawless and no prude (judging by her Likes).  It just didn't ring any loud bells for me.

A positive overall.  Genuinely classy and decent inside and out - Maybe you'll fare better.

£240 for 2 hours

8 review(s) found for Honey Amber  linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)


She does look very good - but at normal rate of £700 for 3 hours way over priced.
However IMO £240 for 2 hours seems very much do able - comes to £120 ph!!

I assume she is a britisg girl?

I agree - £700 would be way too high to attract me regardless of who the WG was.  Honey Amber was really professional - made a huge effort to be beautifully presented, so she presents totally differently to the vast majority of WGs who I have met, and is worth paying up to £140ph in my experience IF the chemistry was right.  She is Irish, I believe.

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