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Author Topic: Any of the diamonds ee girls worth a punt?  (Read 1279 times)

Offline sesalovdarlo

Any of the ee girls a decent punt at diamonds?, the worst punts iv had have been with ee girls but I have had some phenomenal punts with 1 or 2 Romanian girls also. Your thoughts those ppl who tried and tested at diamonds.
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Offline ohfook1t

save your money and see one of the established girls in the north east. theres plenty of them and they all mentioned on here. only ee girl i would recomend ( not sure if czeck is ee) is yvonne angel of the north, about the best you'll get

Offline sesalovdarlo

Gutted, I do love the ee look! I think 1 ee girl I saw in a famous Sheffield parlour raised the bar to a level that will never be achieved by other ee girls. I suppose for ever 50 there will be 1 worth a punt

EE girls + Diamonds? It's the old "life is like a box of chocolates...." cliche

Offline Bengeo13

No way am I an expert on the EE ladies at Diamonds - I gave up when I eventually found one worth the money and the effort (Tiffany), who then left the agency after a couple of days to concentrate on charging more on AW. I'm just glad I saw her at the lower rate before she left. Having said that Diamonds had her as Austrian, but that was nonsense - she knew more about Bucharest than any normal 21-year old Austrian WG would know.
Prior to Tiffany I experienced the worst time of my life with Megan, who has been similarly reviewed in these forums - an absolute lifeless sort of 'out-of-body', other world feel to the whole occasion. It was like I wasn't there, and I wished I hadn't been. Diamonds have her as Italian, but can't believe that.
Italian is also the stated nationality of Amy, who told me when I politely asked her that she was Romanian! Amy has some rather pleasant pictures to my eye but never received any feedback for a long while which I thought strange. So strange that I asked Diamonds about it, but they didn't know either, although they were quick to point out that she hadn't received anything at all. So ever the fool I ventured to meet with her, and I have to say she has a major plus point in my book - she was very keen to please, but a lack of effective communication and language misunderstanding hampered our clumsy progress together.
That's it for my experiences and likely to stay that way I'm afraid. It's as AthnG said I think - it's the language difficulties that cause the real problem. The attractiveness of the girls is there to witness but you don't know if what you are doing has their permission or not, and more's the point if they are enjoying it. For me, although I will follow other reviews with an open mind, it's just not worth the effort. Oh, and then there's the no kissing bit, and an annoying habit of them to squeeze my nose - has anyone else had this cultural expression of affection?

Offline Bengeo13

For anyone who may decide to pay a visit to Tiffany, who is the only EE girl I would recommend - she's now changed her name to Sweet Jasmine on AW but maintained Tiffany in her profile text. Lord knows why, but there you go!

Offline kingkong

I'm getting really pi$$ed with Diamonds these days. Gonna have a break from them for a bit.

Offline Toshiba


I dont ever use them now, hannah from old was stunning but not an overall great experience as the venue was a dump, romanians/ foreign girls have limited english and it makes it all a bit uncomfortable

Not giving them my hard earned, too chancy

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