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Author Topic: Viva Street etc.  (Read 1276 times)

Hi All,

I'm new and looking for some advice.

I've gone with an agency, Diamonds, and didn't really have a fully satisfied result. I've registered with AW but also seen a few sites like Viva Street and Esorts Magazine too.

I was wondering if it was better to stick to places like AW or are the ads on these other sites reliable so OK to book from?


Offline Jim

Check the reviews on here.. They are a good guide..

Offline DaveMugabe

I only used vivastreet once to book leahbeth lollipop. didnt know who she was as she used a different name there.  wnet for booking, she took the money and then said a fuck is not on the cards, she just offered to jerk me off.

Only time I got scammed

AW is a good start then when you've picked a girl ( or a few) do a search on here or ask if anyone has seen them. Anything else is down too experience I'm afraid. Good luck.

Offline Toshiba

Ive only ever used 3 indies, 2 were great for the sex not good lookers tbh they were off AW

I only use agencies now


Thanks for the help, much appreciated. As I'm new to all this looking through the other posts and reviews has helped too.

Offline crazy8

ive been punting for years but only recently came here, i wish i discovered this a long time ago, my no1 resource right now.

i think no matter what you choose, aw agencies or whatever, its still always going to be a hit or miss experience, i stick to agencies and aw now though

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