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Author Topic: Lovely Jessica - Bracknell  (Read 1293 times)

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First of all she is very attractive - but some how when you meet her she doesn't seem as sexy as the pictures.

Had asked her to wear stockings but answered the door just wearing knickers and bra. Still looked very good but a bit irked at that.

Flat very clean and smart, offered shower but declined as just had one before coming out, wanted to maximise my 1/2hr.

Her English was a bit limited, seemed shy and was a bit bigger than I expected, mostly height and a tiny bit in frame.

Started off with OWO, no complaints. Moved onto missionary but wasn't really getting any enjoyment vibes from her, but as I was banging a beautiful woman my cock was not complaining. I asked her favourite position, she didn't have one. Told her to get on top, she looked great but it seemed a bit of a chore to her. I did eventually cum and with 10 mins left, I asked for a massage.

It was the most half hearted massage I have ever had. One hand only and I just thought what's the point. Put a bit of a dampner on it.

Sweet girl but could have done a lot better.

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Offline Tim20

Sorry about your experience I would have given her a negative ! Sounds like we had a similar experience ! This girl was in camberley not long ago but had no feedback but as so hot I would give her a go ! Luckily she never replied to my email or voicemail I left. so looks like I had an escape !! Yesterday the wag I was banging said the same when I asked her what her favourite position was !! She said I don't care in an depressing voice !! And she looked amazing in the photos but when she opened the door it was like !! Really !! Would not have given her a second glance if she walked passed me in the street !!  Good luck with your next punt !!
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The fact I still had a great looking girl on top making me come probably pushed it to a neutral.

What amazes is that with a little bit more effort these girls could get a lot more repeat business. They either don't need it or don't want it.

Offline Tim20

Sadly there will always be new people that fall for the photos too !! But yes agreed a bit of effort does go along way !! The likes of Platinum Cindy :: Laura Super Star : English Blonde Chloe : miss salacious are all girls that really go out their way and are amazing performers hence I've seen them on numinous occasions because I know I am guaranteed a great punt !! English blonde Chloe is in Bracknell occasionally and would be worth a visit for sure !! Most my best punts are in London though !!
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Lovely Jessica was my first ever punt last October in Basingstoke and I had a very good two hours with her for £180.
She dressed as I had requested, black stockings and suspenders and shelve bra, great comms too. Was very tactile, stroking, touching and lovely kissing. Great OWO then tit wank and came on her tits. Chatted while I recovered and her English was good and we had a laugh. RO on her and she loved her nipples licked and sucked, moaned softly during this.
Fucked missionary, doggy which made her cum then cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, more owo and then she wanked off to finish, more cum on her tits.
Had a shower and she helped me to dry and dress. I have had quite a few punts since and hers is still one of the best so perhaps you had her on an off day.
Definitely a positive for me.

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