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Author Topic: Belgium?  (Read 2553 times)

I will be going to Ypres soon. Looking at AW, there's a few ladies in Belgium, but not near where I'm going. Anyone know of a site where I can find WGs in the Ypres area?

May be tricky as Brussels is definitely the place to find WGs - the street alongside Gare du Nord is full of quite decent ones, or it was when I was last there.  Don't know your travel arrangements so would a journey to Brussels be out of the question?  It's not a great distance but seems a bit of a pain by public transport: direct train but it takes ages.

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There are WGs in windows, (a la Amsterdam style), along Rue de d’Aerschot which parallels the main railway line between Brussels Nord and Scharbeek stations.

If you find the location in Google street view, you can see the hookers sitting in the windows – with blurred out faces!!!! Spotted it just before Christmas on a train to Rotterdam.

Made me smile.

Thanks guys, noted. I'm going to Ypres later this year with a marching band to commemorate the beginning of world war one. As I have a double room to myself, be nice to have a WG come over for an evening or two? However, Ypres seems to be away from where the WG's are?   

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Not sure why you'd look for Belgium hookers In AW, better off looking on Benelux sites like.
This forum Is In Dutch but google translate can help http://www.hookers.nl/forum.php

Thanks J, very useful. The hookers.nl site seems the best place to try for one. Hoping to find a lady to come over to where I'm stating as no transport to get about.

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