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Author Topic: Smiley Sindy ~ Fulham Broadway~  (Read 1467 times)

39 review(s) for Smiley Sindy (35 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


1 hour = £100. Bargain  :thumbsup:

Sindy looks as good in the flesh as her photos would suggest [in my opinion]. Considering her age she's cellulite free, slim, flexible body - one that a lot of women 20 years younger would kill for. Looks wise, she was milf-tastic with a nice accent and good personality. 

After exchanging a few quick text messages it was game on. Her pad is just a short stroll from the tube stop. Upon arrival Sindy was decked out in stockings and suspenders, which is always a good ice-breaker. A brief chat and into the shower, followed by a welcome glass of wine ... or two. I asked if she was 'trying to get me drunk so she take advantage of me' but it didn't translate very well so we just dived in.  :D

Sindy definitely knows her stuff. Good kisser, good OWO, flexible, suckable pussy and can really take a good banging without complaining. Throughout the hour Sindy was determined that I should get maximum value and always went the extra mile, which in this game is quite unusual. One thing I've never experienced before was; at no point during the entire booking did I see or hear a bloody mobile phone - that's how focused she was.

Looking back, I reckon this was not only my cheapest punt, but one of my best.   :yahoo:

39 review(s) found for Smiley Sindy linked to in above post (35 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline herbie007

Hi Bangers

Glad you had a good punt,

I couldn't get over how flexible she is for her age,

 I also thought she was a great shag and great VFM.

Cheers herbie. Had you not been so rubbish at putting me off I'd never of gone.  :D


Offline 385North

And she's no clock watcher. My last 1 hour visit on New Years Eve was booked for 12pm, I arrived 15 minutes early and when I finally got dressed to leave it was nearly 1:30pm. Bloody marvellous. Leaving wasn't easy either as Sindy was DFK'in me all the way to the front door. May have had something to do with the bottle of Champaign I took along, but who knows. She's bloody great and I can't wait to make a 3rd booking later this month when she gets back.

Offline Ludwig

Good review B&G, and I'm glad you finally had a good one...she's been a regular of mine for ages, and has never failed to provide a top quality service...

Offline herbie007

Cheers herbie. Had you not been so rubbish at putting me off I'd never of gone.  :D


 :D  :drinks:

I've seen Sindy twice (last year) and both of my experiences square with B&G's. On top of all that she's drily funny and charming in my opinion. Some will say "Is that what you're paying her for?". The answer is "Of course not" but on top of the excellent sex, and the oral in particular, a little engagement with some genuine wit makes a welcome change from much of the chatter I've had to suffer in post-coital mode from other WGs I've visited.

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