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Author Topic: Shemales  (Read 15701 times)

Offline BCAndrew

Bit of a weird one....

Any recommendation for shemales in London ? Have checked AW and there doesn't seem to be many with much feedback at all.

Offline Maverick1

For shemales It's best to use Thai agencies, I recommend London Ladyboys.

Offline hendrix

Yummyasianlondon.co.uk are pretty good too.

I've seen a few TS escorts when I occasionally get the urge (which is rare, and always takes me by surprise as 99% of the time I am strictly girls-only, but there you go). I've used Yummy Asian, where I can recommend:

Valentine (Bayswater): http://www.yummyasianlondon.co.uk/gallery/ts-valentine-/83 - VERY female, you'd never know she was a TS if you saw her in the street. Great service, lots of kissing, DT blowjob, really friendly despite patchy English.

Riko (Earl's Court): http://www.yummyasianlondon.co.uk/gallery/ts-riko/204 - a notch down from Valentine in terms of looks (still very female though - but must be 6 foot tall, which for some reason makes her more masculine in appearance) - but again, great service (especially DFK, which was pretty continuous throughout the punt), excellent English, and very chatty.

I've seen a couple of others who are not recommended. Lauren, near Liverpool Street/Bishopsgate (https://www.adultwork.com/688036 or https://www.adultwork.com/TS%5FLAUREN%5FPRADO) was feminine looking (the photos in her gallery are genuine and un-photoshopped) but she literally walked into the room, lay on the bed on her back, and did NOTHING AT ALL. Just lay there. And the other one, near Bayswater - my first TS experience - who was enthusiastic and friendly, but unfortunately looked like a bloke in a wig. I can't find her profile now - it was a few years ago so I guess she's retired.


Offline Jimmyredcab

Just did a search for you, if you want loads of feedback this one may suit you ------------


Offline gemsdiamond

I'd like to meet this one.
Just did a search for you, if you want loads of feedback this one may suit you ------------


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