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Author Topic: x-xkatiex-x Surrey/Sussex  (Read 2110 times)

2 review(s) for x-xkatiex-x (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I saw Katie a while back thought I would write a review.

She turned up in a nice dress, got changed as requested into an outfit I wanted her to wear. Some kissing, light tongue not dfk (also a smoker) before we got down to some OWO, The OWO was quite good just not long enough before we moved onto mish, then doggy then cowgirl and I popped (she felt quite tight). Had a good chat, she is a good conversationalist and clearly has her head screwed on well. Second round more OWO, mish, doggy and then A levels before I popped for the second and last time.  It's a bit of shortish report for me I am afraid as its been quite a while so some of the finer details have faded.

She does take time to make sure she looks as good as she can, so decent clothes, uniform requests as requested, performs all services you ask for. So why the negative you may ask, well I picked her after a recommendation on here so maybe got my hopes up to high. Looks wise she is 7/10 mainly because she is bigger than her pics currently show, she has a bit of a belly. 

Good conversation/likeable girl
Does everything you ask for including all her enjoys
Very professional

Mouth tasted of smoke (my fault maybe I shouldn't have kissed her)
Bigger than her pics (she did say she was going on a diet and she is clearly one very determined girl so is one of the few I believe can lose the weight)

Overall its a marginal negative, I popped twice and had a reasonable time, but the negatives just about outweighed the positives for me.

https://www.adultwork.com/348365 or https://www.adultwork.com/x%2Dxkatiex%2Dx


2 review(s) found for x-xkatiex-x linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline X-xkatiex-x

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Thanks for the review :-)
Apologies about the smoking although it does state I am a smoker on my profile. However I am happy to de fumigate the house wtc etc given notice.
My pictures are always unedited. I've looked through and they are realistic I.e showing weight etc.
Although I am now a size 6-8 - 8stone 1lbs in weight
Dfk - I reapond to the other party.
However I do take on board every criticism and use them to provide a better service :-)
Katie x

Offline loopy

This girl has loads of feedback on aw. I keep trying to ring and also have pinged her pm on aw...but nothing !!! She also has recent fb on aw..

Anyone have first hand experience with her?

Offline Spunky34

This girl has loads of feedback on aw. I keep trying to ring and also have pinged her pm on aw...but nothing !!! She also has recent fb on aw..

Anyone have first hand experience with her?

I met her about a year ago, she replied to a same day reverse booking - she then replied promptly to messages etc so making arrangements was easy from my side - but I wasn't trying to make first contact with her as you are.

I would echo a lot of what the original review said.  I would say she was a size 8, the pictures give a fair reflection of the girl I met.  She came across as being very professional, won't mess you about and expects not to be messed about herself.  Profile is accurate as to likes and extras. 

For me I would put it as a marginal positive meeting.  She is friendly and seems reliable, what I felt was lacking was a bit of warmth.  She seemed willing for me to make suggestions as to what we should do, but that side of it felt very one-way, whereas I prefer my meetings to be a bit more free flowing, where you react to each other.  I can't really put my finger on why I am not more positive about it - it was easy to arrange, she arrived on time, she was polite and friendly, but somehow the meeting didn't have much spark.  I probably wouldn't see her again myself, but there is no particular negative reason for that.  It's more the lack of a memorable positive which would demand a second meeting.

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