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Author Topic: No reply ( Profiles On Adult Work )  (Read 990 times)

Offline Pauly447

How many fake profiles on Aw   Or girls who just dont reply. So annoying   :dash: :dash: :dash:

Offline JT100

I have to agree. I now only use a/w profiles with a phone number and contact w/g's direct, even that doesn't guarantee a reply though.
Don't they want the custom?

Online Corus Boy

Don't they want the custom?

Of course they do!

Pay to look at their Private Galleries :)

Bottom feeders of the adult industry.

I can't believe just how big it is tho. But then how many are fakes??

Offline SirFrank

Does anyone actually pay for private gallery pics? Why bother when you can see all the razz you want for sweet FA online? There was one glamour model recently (can't remember her name) in Cardiff  who had her phone number listed I phoned (straight to message) and emailed but fuck all. One punter left feedback saying if you get a response you are doing well. She did have escort feedback that looked legit so not sure but seemed to now be a prvt gallery scam
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