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Date Weds March 28th

Price £60/30 mins + £10 CIM (OWO/RO/DFK included in the basic £60)

Location Whitefield or or or

Annalynne050 worked under the name 'Meili' at Sandys Superstars in 2015 and 2016, and has since worked at a few other places. She has been on my hot list for ages, but this was the first time I have managed to see her.

I arranged this session by Adultwork email exchanges the previous weekend. Good comms from Annalynne - she replied to my emails within 12 hours or so, and sent a text on the morning of the meeting with more specific address details. I understand her place was a parlour in years gone by, but I don't recall having visited it before. Indigo Nile appears to be some sort of working girl's collective rather than a parlour. The place is round the back of a row of shops and up a flight of steel stairs. As some others have commented, not the most discreet location. That said, there didn't seem to be any prying eyes or curtain twitchers when I was there.

I had asked Anna to wear the clingy white micro dress she has on in one of the videos on her twitter feed, so I was chuffed when she opened the door and saw her wearing it. Anna is a toned size 10, a little over 5 feet tall even in heels. She has huge enhanced knockers - pretty well done I reckon - a squeezable ass, and a pretty face with Asian features. A small, but very tidy package. Money handed over, a quick shower and then we were under starters orders.

I never vary much from my normal routine: OWO, RO, 69 and sex in a number of positions. She is quite a sight to behold in cowgirl and doggy. We agreed on a CIM finish and this was expertly done.

Positives were: good comms, excellent clean venue with a good shower, great looking girl who ticked my favourite boxes: friendly, sexy and horny. All the services I was interested in tallied with her A/W list.

Some minor negatives: access to the premises during the school holidays or the evenings may not be for the faint hearted, the DFK was not full on, and the dirty talk seemed a little forced.

Annalynne currently work Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays - all bad days for me - so it may be a while before I can return, but she is definitely worth another visit.

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