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Author Topic: City Centre Sauna  (Read 6841 times)

Why are there never any reviews of places like this?

I have been here a handful of drunken / desperate times in the last 7 years and apart from the fact that it's really awkward to go in and out of without anyone seeing you ( the shame! )... I've had overwhelmingly positive experiences there.

It is a clean, safe place, well decorated.

I've had some amazing punts there... and some real dead ( but hot ) fish... which left me wondering... how does this place work?

Offline Cornish sub

Well that 'review' was as useful as a chocolate fireguard. What's the actual name of the place (surely not City Centre Sauna) and which city - Exeter, Bristol, Truro, where? The south west's a fairly big area.
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That is actually what it's called... I thought anyone in Bristol would know it... it's on Stokes Croft, the first one on the left as you going up from the city centre and it's got a big yellow illuminated sign.

it is called that and it's in Bristol. I had several punts there about 7-8 years ago. Most were really good, and it was cheap too, £35. A short haired Polish girl stands out in the memory, really excellent hot sex. It can be a bit off putting with the sitting around with other punters too.

Recently the area has become Bristol's gay centre and alternative music venues have also sprung up. So yes it can be a bit impersonal popping in.

Offline Cornish sub

I thought anyone in Bristol would know it...
Yes, they probably would, but the south west extends further than Bristol and you never mentioned Bristol in your original post. But ok, at least now I know, so thanks for clearing it up. Thought it was too good to be true when I initially hoped it might be in Cornwall.

That is actually what it's called... I thought anyone in Bristol would know it... it's on Stokes Croft, the first one on the left as you going up from the city centre and it's got a big yellow illuminated sign.

oh i thought you meant the place in Old Market. bit of research tells me it's called Central Massage.

Stokes Croft is so busy I'm amazed anyone has balls to go in.

Offline ParisB

Stokes Croft is Citi Centa Sauna 

Central Massage is Old Market

Offline Suicune

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but can I ask if anyone has any more details or experiences of City Centre Sauna? I have been to The Massage Club a few doors down several times and been reasonably impressed, but have yet to venture in to this one.

I've been there a few times, but not in years. It's hardly inconspicuous at all - unless you're prepared to pop in on a week night as late as possible, it involves walking into the place on a busy street with plenty of people around. Even the bright yellow sign leaves no confusion as to what type of establishment it is.

The girls were a mixed bunch by my recollection. Occasionally you'd find one that far exceeded expectation, but more often than not it was all a bit too robotic and without enthusiasm. I always thought of it as one of those "conveyer belt" places.

My experiences with most parlours in Bristol has been the same.

Haven't been here for years. it used to be quite smart inside, but it got rather pricey (London parlour prices  plus).And it was near an area frequented by a significant percentage of Bristol's winos. As a final downer, Stokes Croft is a long-term eyesore: Bristol Councillors ought to hang their heads in shame any time they drive along it.
I've said it before, but for me he best Bristol parlour is Diamonds in Bath Road, Arnos Vale. It's not for everyone, as the girls are on the older side: but by and large they give a good service, and are pleasant to talk to. Apart from one Romanian (who has been there a long time and speaks excellent English), they are all British at the moment, as far as I know.
Prices start at £60 for the 30 minute basic personal service. Extras on top depend on what the girl offers, but normally go up in £20 increments.
But, I say again: if any girl on the wrong side of 30 is past her sell-by date for you, keep away or be disappointed.
Hope this helps.

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