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Author Topic: Best genuine massage with happy ending  (Read 916029 times)

Offline Mr blue

Cheers French , will maybe give her a try

Offline jarrovian

Sounds like the same girl I saw a couple of years ago, lovely, friendly attractive girl, but at the time no extras but nice massage

Offline The Rimmer

Great massage lovely ladies NO HE's

ok cheers mate does anyone know a place in newcastle city center that open about 10?

Offline Mr blue

Best bet is to ring a few and ask them , I'm sure most will accommodate a later booking

sorry lads i meant that open 10 tomorrow and garente HE im new to this lol

Offline Mr blue

sorry lads i meant that open 10 tomorrow and garente HE im new to this lol

Again the best thing to do is to ring and find out what time they open.

ok cheers mate would you recommend any places?

Offline Mr blue

In Newcastle ? I'm not really keen on any of them , lavenders used to be great , I've not been to secrets or number 1

ill hopefully try one next couple week ill post how it goes cheers for the help mate

Offline The Rimmer

Guarenteed HE
Nisa 1
Few others too

Hi guys,

Been lurking a while and thought I'd check out 99 Thai because it's on my commute. I just turned up and asked if there was anyone free and I was seen straight away by a Thai woman called Nina. I paid £35 for an hours massage and I striped and laid face down on the bed. It began quite firm, I haven't had many but she really got stuck in with her elbows on my back. 20 minutes she got the oil out and carried on massaging my back and neck. She is very good at teasing, brushed against my old boy a few times and ran her hands around my balls so she asked me to turn over I was at full mast, I was a bit embarrassed but she laughed and said "you need massage here right" by now my brain stopped working and I handed over a £20 and she gave a pretty enjoyable HE, played with my balls and ass quite a bit which I wasn't used to but drained the hell out of me.

As I am new to this I just want some advice on when is it ok to touch? she was really close to me and was brushing her thighs against my hands but just to be safe I laid still and just enjoyed it.
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Offline sy50

When is it ok to touch?   I always act like a gentleman and ask the masseuse if I can touch, very rarely I'm I told no 😇
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I don't think I chose the right words, I generally meant is it ok to touch? From what I have read most seem to allow it but yeah i'll take your advice and just ask politely  :thumbsup:

Offline quickbeam

Just be polite and ask.
There's only been one or two that have said no, majority have been fine with it.
Depending on the masseuse, some wear short/tight dresses, so you can rub their legs and work your way up under the skirt and/or the back  :yahoo:
Others wear jeans/tights/leggings (one work jeans half way up to her armpits :P ) and they'll let you run your hands around.

If they're fine with you touching tehm, doesn't hurt to ask for more extra's. Some are willing to go topless, others totally naked for an extra £10/20.
Then you can really roam! :D

Ok this thread drives me mad, but I'm gonna add to it, went to see sheng today for the second time, when I arrived she text door was open which was nice, while the first time was good this was even better, both knew what was wanted, so no wondering if she would or wouldn't, so she surprises me with a bit of arse smacking which has never interested me but was quite nice, onto happy ending asked if I could touch her, she was quite happy with feeling her arse, but when I tried her tits she laughed and backed away.trying to stop seeing escorts and just having a massage and wank, not a money thing just trying to stop any risks, haha I've got the willpower of an ant

Offline Rooster

Went to the new Chinese massage place on Pilgrim Street the other day, not the Chinese Medical Centre, it's about fifty metres down from there opposite the fire station. Went up the stairs to the second floor. Nice reception area with a gorgeous young Chinese woman on reception. Paid £40 for an hour, went in the massage room, pleasant, warm, clean and with a proper table. I was joined by May/Mae who I think used to be Katie at Be Health but I'm not sure. Attractive lady though. Pretty good firm massage then turn over and whispers if I want extras. Paid another fifty for b2b and oral. Pretty damn good all round. Touching was allowed and indeed encouraged. So all in all pretty good but a touch on the expensive side. Would have been worth it for b2b from the start instead of just a few minutes but still very nice indeed.

Offline Rooster

Forgot to say - I was there the full hour too, unlike many parlours which rip you off with 45 minutes.

Offline Paulost

I didn't manage to get there but I rang jasmine w/bay and you don't need to ask she asks you in the phone what you want :)

Offline Phil86

Wonder if Sheng can "lift" me today....as Im starting to get "bored" a bit with the massage scene...
were you naked for massage and did she not give a touch of the groin area

Jasmine if w/bay sounds interesting anybody got any idea on her prices and serviced akdo whst she looks like

Offline sesalovdarlo

were you naked for massage and did she not give a touch of the groin area

Sheng would not let you touch her minge. I wouldn't touch her full stop if I were you (apart from grope her cute ass) as you don't want to risk your first appointment being your last.

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