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Author Topic: 3some with English.Lucy & XX DEE XX  (Read 4744 times)

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Had a great 3some on Friday with English Lucy & Sexy Dee -

https://www.adultwork.com/1714057   & https://www.adultwork.com/1653394 - Had been busy all day with meetings in North London so had a Plan A and Plan B for late afternoon to finish off my week end - Plan A was the Duo Lucy & Dee and Plan B was Dilem - saw her a few months ago -  https://www.adultwork.com/1814907

Left a VM with Dee/Lucy and was told that I can come over at 4.30pm for 30 mins as there were finishing at 5pm - was given the hotel details - Just off the M1 in NW London and arrived at 4.20, was given the room number and walked past the reception and up to the lifts for the room - no pass key and all good - arrived at the door and was welcomed into the large room with Dee wearing stockings and a tight top that bearly kept her large 36 DD tits in - Saw her nipples trying to get out. As soon as I entered saw Lucy who came out of the bathroom wearing a ting pair of knickers with a black lacy bra and black stockings with high 6'' heels.
Her bra was also so tight that her great tits were justing to burst out - As it was late and I needed to miss the traffic We agreed a 30 mins session for £100 which I beleive is Great VFM to be with 2 great looking girls as a 3some

Had a quick chat for 30 seconds and Dee then undressed me naked as I jumped onto the bed - both girls then took turns in giving me a DTBJ whilst I was DFK the other girl - after 10 mins both girls were using my dick as a lolly pop - then took turns in sucking me while the other was sucking my balls 0 got very crowded down there- I then had the mac on so I can FCK Dee as she was licking Lucy's soft pink pussy - looked great and only wish I had a camera to take the pictures - - I asked for a come swop and as I was ready to come I took off the mac and wanked in Lucy's mouth who then slowiing spit my come into Dee's mouth. They then a quick kiss in front of me to show the spunk all over their mouths - Great mental picture for future reference.

All 3 of us got cleaned up and i left with a big smile on my face driving back to North London -

Already agreed to re book again for 1 hour so I can FCK both girls and do 2 rounds - they are in a Hotel in South Minns next Wednesday 14/8 - will get a chance to do Lucy first this time as she sucks off Dee. Cannot wait - A superb 3some with 2 great looking, fit, hot, sexy, Tits and arse English girls - Really cannot wait.

Happy Punting

2 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)
64 review(s) found for ~DEE~ linked to in above post (58 positive, 4 neutral, 2 negative)
3 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Zeusthedoc

Without meaning to sound crass...

I met with these two delectable ladies @the Hilton Metropole.

a throughly good punt, excellent VFM.

highly recommended!

Offline Persie

Thanks for this

Sounds like you had a great time!

I have been contemplating a due with Dee /  english lucy

What does lucy look like - figure and face?
Banning reason: Stalking prossies on Facebook and threatening to out them

Offline Zeusthedoc

Lucy's figure is somewhat fuller than Dee...

She is probably a 12....I will be honest and say I focussed most of my energy on Dee, but I gave Lucy a good seeing to.
Dee was the more pro-active member when I was there - I got the feeling that she was in to me more than Lucy might have been.

I guess I'm just not everyone's cup of tea!

Lucy's face is ok, without meaning to sound rude, she wouldn't necessary command the attention of all the guys at the bar...

that said - if I was playing wingman and she was the friend, I wouldn't have to be given the speech about what a wingman's job is...


Did a 3some with Dee and Lucy a few months ago in Elstree - as per panel999 review very good and filthy session with loys of dirty talk. FCK and kissing - both girls were interacting -

Also Both Good looking and Lucy looks very much like Ian Beals GF - ''Mandy'' of East Enders. However this girl has a fitter body , great 36DD tits and very tanned body. Does great BJ and Dee loves to lick her clean shaven pussy.

Offline KentAde

Never met either of these famous girls, but I'm all booked in for Friday! Can't wait...  :dance:

Offline ciscoxxx69

Booked and confirmed to see these two beauties soon myself..... :P  :drinks:

Oh.....Lucy's new profile link:    https://www.adultwork.com/2337896    ......due to AW cock-up (read her blog....)   :hi:

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