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Author Topic: Karina - Diamond-Escorts - outcall  (Read 4325 times)

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Offline Tailpipe


This was the classic 7 pints down the pub got home and thought fuck it I need a punt.

I have never used diamond escorts infact I have never here'd of them.
There is not much AW action that near me I did have a chat with
//www.adultwork.com/BustyBritishElla she has been on my todo list
For a long time she had a booking at midnight so that was not going to work.

Got on the phone to diamond nice girl at the end of the phone asked her who was working
And that I liked size 6 to 8 she said I got just the girl for you karina.

Had a quick look noted that she was from Spain but had the Romanian look about her
So I said to the girl is she Romanian she confirmed she was .

I said that will work crack on.

About 55 mins she phone and said she was here I live in the wilderness so walked down the drive to
To meet her . Could only see her general out line but looked good .
I asked the driver to wait as I always do he looked a bit shocked but said ok.

Got her in the house fuck me I have hit the jackpot so cute and sexy .

She said do you like me. I said yes can you stay for three hours .

Went back to the driver to take me to cash point as I was to pissed to drive.

It turns out that she was from Spain bilbo or somewhere in the north.

Very touchy , jet black hair very good looking great eyes.
Just a very sexy looking girl

Get to bed went through the race card , her body was fit and size 8 but it was not like
The iron of the Romanian girls but still very nice .

As is normal with me takes forever to cum but went about 20 mins did the trick doggy.

Before That I was eating the pussy which she got really into nearly pulled my ears off
When she came .

She was very connected from start to finish just like fucking your first girl friend .

A classy bit of kit you could go anywhere with.

Not cheap £460 for 3 hours. But I would pay it again for her.

It's 3am I am fucked so good night .

Offline vt

Nice one...bigger pics on here...every genuinely Spanish girl (but not every Romanian claiming to be Spanish!), I've met doing this job has been uninhibitedly passionate...  ¡Olé!


Offline DH

Why 460 for 3h?

1 hr from:
£ 110
Additional 30 mins from:
£ 70

Additional hrs from:
£ 100

Overnight (8 hrs) from:
£ 750

Offline Tailpipe

They lie

There prices change when you add travel 

Offline Tailpipe


Looking at your that review based on that location
You should get much better prices than I did as I suspect
The trip to me was 60 Miles .

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1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Mr C

On 10 January 2015, I booked Karina for a 1.5 hour date. She's a nice lady, but I can only rate that particular date as 57 out of 100. I did get to fuck her, but I didn't last too long, I was unable to achieve round 2, even after going down on her. I felt rather disappointed about this and she could tell that I was, but I would like to see her again, as meeting No. 2 may be better than meeting No.1.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (Mr C, south28)

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