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Author Topic: Carmel of Diamonds  (Read 2305 times)

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Offline portable

I saw Carmel last week for a short 1/2 hr, and thought I might as well put a review on here. I've put "positive" but this might be considered "neutral" by some.

In short, she's a nice girl, clean and curvy with breast implants. Has a couple of discreet tattoos, but nothing off-putting. Frisky and quite fun, offers OWO. Not 'passionate' (for want of a better word) but enjoys what she does. Like I say, to some, perhaps 'neutral'. No full-on PSE here, but I enjoyed my time with her, and would see her again, maybe for longer. She doesn't clock-watch. She does wear a lot of makeup though, but doesn't seem to have bad skin at all, and is attractive, but honestly I've not met a WG who wears as much as she does.

So, for me it was a fun time, however, afterwards something happened that might put guys off, and I felt I had to mention it...

Next door was another girl, with a client, and he finished at about the same time as me, and just as I left, he was ushered out the door seconds after, so we bumped into each other. If I were cynical I'd say the girls knew and did it for a laugh, but who knows. I'm fine with the situation, and even asked the guy how the other girl was. However, clearly some guys might not be happy with something like that happening at all. This is not necessarily anything to do with Carmel, but if it wasn't a joke, then the sheer unawareness was pretty mindless of either her, or the other girl.

Incidentally, this was at the west quayside flats which aren't too bad. Still not great; basic furnishings, no real effort in making the place look warm and welcoming, but clean and better than the places over Newcastle like heaton. However... still no towels in the bathroom! This bugs the hell out of me and is pretty inexcusable, and takes the shine of what can be an otherwise nice appointment.

I know I'm going off from Carmel's review here, but this aspect, coupled with the hallway incident is starting to put me off using agencies altogether. There's a clear "in it for the money" vibe with no attempt to create a warm or personal atmosphere like you would get with a good independent, and while I guess that goes with the territory, it's really not like it's a difficult issue to rectify, and would make everything a whole lot more pleasant. (Which means more cash coming in!  :hi:) There's been numerous times when I've asked prior to the appointment if it'd be okay to take a shower, they've said it's fine, then lo and behold, every time... no towels or even shower gel... nothing. A little, really does go a long way sometimes.

Otherwise, a good agency, (very clear communication) and a good time with Carmel.

Offline Poordude

Use Amour or Dollybirds if you don't want to bump into another punter.

They don't allow 2 girls to use the same flat.

Much better service from the phone too.

Offline portable

If they employ any 34HH + girls then I just might  :hi:

But, yes that whole thing is putting me off them a little bit to be honest. Though that's not the only thing.

I have to admit that some of the shit pits Diamonds use are inexcusable, I did begin to go off them a bit because of the fact that they were putting the girls in these places and I even complained that if they spent a little bit of effort it would reward them in the long run, but from what I gathered, the flats are owned, sometimes by other Diamonds girls and not rented? and the girls put their things away so that everything isn't a mess at the end of the working day.

At least that's what I was told, but Diamonds must make a mint, it wouldn't cost the earth to rent a place I would've thought?

Met Lilly while she was running her own agency and she used her own place, made sure it was always immaculate. Petra was another, always got repeat business from me  :D

Anyone know what happened to this girl?  I have heard rumours she has done porn.

Heard the same rumour wish I could find it.  Grace at armour looks similar

I saw her last year just before she left diamonds. .She told me she was going to work in Ibiza for a while. .Whether that didn`t work out and she turned to porn, remains to be seen..

She come back.  Any idea on her porn name?

I don`t know if she has come back. Some .people on .here seem to think she has made a porn movie.

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