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Author Topic: Kissie Love (Berlin Tour)  (Read 1493 times)

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http://www.kaufmich.com/KissieLove https://www.facebook.com/realKissieLove/


I booked a appointment with Kissie for Friday afternoon at 3pm, as she was touring Berlin, she is a German plastic barbie with huge 1530cc implants, lip fillers and lots of tattoos, she is usually based in Hamburg, but does tour around Germany, I communicated via mail on KF and SMS in German, as her English is not so great, google translate came in handy.

She was staying at a Ibis close to Alexander platz, the usual get to outside hotel and text for the room number, only couple minutes wait and sent her number, straight up in lift to 6th floor, knocked on the door and straight in, Kissie looks just as her photos online, late 20's blonde barbie doll, about 5'7" taller in her 5" heels, wearing a sexy little bikini, with her massive tits straining to stay in, gave me a kiss and cuddle, she was surprised I was English, her English is passable and we got on fine, she joked that many English drink to much bier and crazy, bit of a stereotype lol, I booked 1 hour at €150, put the cash on the side and went toilet quickly, she said she wasn't planning on visiting the Venus as she isn't a professional girl, and to shy, yeah right any lady with 1500cc tits ain't shy!

Started off FK by side of the bed, and grabbing hold of her tits, continued kissing on the bed, Kissie straddled me, and shoved her huge tits in my face, nearly got suffocated! She got lube and rubbed it into her tits, lay on her back and I tit fucked her, really nice her boobs are fairly soft not super hard.
I wiped off the lube and moved up for a BJ, but Kissie wanted to use a condom, I thought she offered OWO, but never mind, she was still very good at sucking cock, great view of her inflated lips with my cock in her mouth, also happy licking balls, also licked her pussy for a bit, she did seem to try and hurry the punt to sex, but I was in control and she let me take the lead, did more BJ, then on to sex.

Got Kissie to start in cowgirl, she squatted over me, and I grabbed her arse, as she bounced on me, she was making all the noises, not to fake, pulled her forward for more FK's, then got face full of huge tits as I fucked her hard, and gave her sexy arse a few spanks, Kissie was getting into the action, talking dirty and calling me a crazy English guy! Gave her good shag while grabbing her huge tits, changed to doggy, Kissie has a nice sized arse, grabbed hold of it, and grabbing her big tits. Changed to Mish, with her legs up over my shoulders, playing with her tits, and more FK's, gave it to Kissie hard until I felt a stirring, pulled of the rubber and shot a big load over her huge tits! Which surprised her a bit.

Took a quick shower, had about ten minutes left, some dick had been ringing her phone all through our session, it was on silent, to her credit she ignored the phone while with me, but called him back while I showered and told him to naff off, Kissie is bubbly and funny, but a little crazy, she spoke about herself in the 3rd person, she also asked how much girls make in London, I said she could probably charge more than in Germany, as she has the bimbo barbie look, but she said she can't because her English isn't good, and she thought that all English guys fuck to much, I said not true, they are same as German men, she joked that German guys usually only last 5 minutes before cumming, guess it's a easy session with guys like that, but I don't usually cum that fast. She also had a Chihuahua dog in a basket in the corner of the room, that paid no attention to us shagging.
I asked her if she did modelling, Kissie said she's to fat, I would say fat, she has a little bit of meat on her, she could do with going to the gym just to tone up, but she said that she's to lazy, and the men at the gym will stare at her boobs, and she don't like muscle men, she likes Mr Bean.

This lady is as fruity as a fruit cake, but a fun session, she did what I wanted, though not sure why OWO was not on offer, she has the similar looks and fake tits as Jenna of Artemis, I would book her again, maybe just for half hour.

Offline webpunter

Fuckin strewth - what an amazing woman.  Have saved her details on my non AW HL - should i find an excuse to be in Hamburg.  Given no OWO then think i'd spend most of the time with a tit-fucking session.  VFM @ €150 for the hour for sure
Edit - how does she compare to Jenna ?

Offline Jerboa

Yes it was a enjoyable punt, think I would of been just as happy booking half hour, she did try to speed the session, but I didn't let her, still good though, as I said she's used to guys cumming quickly, from reading previous reports of Kissie on German boards she did do OWO before, so maybe she will, she's younger than Jenna, but a little crazy, if I had to choose I'd see Jenna, but if I was in Hamburg or another city Kissie was touring I'd probably go see her.

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