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Author Topic: Barbieisaslut in Taunton  (Read 907 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/1812826 or https://www.adultwork.com/barbieisaslut

Phoned and agreed a 1 hour meet. Juliet ensured I knew that she was in her campervan. Met Juliet on time on Sunday 16th Oct in Taunton at a place that was easy to find and discrete. :thumbsup:

Juliet looked sexy on opening the door. Settled up the £120, undressed and got on bed in back of van. It was a bit of a turn on being in a van.  :rolleyes:

Juliet undressed and joined me on the bed. She used lube on my dick to caress me, tease me, lick my balls, and then take me in her mouth. She said she was turned on by my thicker than average cock. It must be said that her oral ministrations are particularly good.  :yahoo:

When I complimented her on her tits (Cs with damn fine nipples  :cool:) she said she would like enhancements. I had to tell her that in my opinion I thought that would be a mistake since what she had was perfect.

We then did a 69 for quite a while with her on top. Great fun licking her clit, then tonguing her pussy followed by her perfect little bum hole. Then backward and forward between clit, pussy and bum hole. Fabulous  :yahoo: :drinks:

I then got my cock ring out and on it went followed by a condom so that Juliet could ride me.

Off with the condom, followed by more fantastic oral during which I slipped the tip of my index finger into her bum hole and then my second finger into her pussy. I then slowly pushed both fingers in and out during which she gripped my finger with her bum hole a couple of times.  :thumbsup: :wacko:

I don't usually cum by just having my dick sucked but I had no way of holding out against the tongue flicking, sucking, spitting and wanking that was being applied to my dick. An eruption followed and Juliet licked sucked and dribbled as though she couldn't get enough.  :D

A fabulous hour for £120. Must be said that only Cassandra4you, XXzetaXX and Scarla Swallows have been as good as Juliet.
All I can say is Barbie IS a Slut  :thumbsup: :yahoo: Do your self a favour and see this girl.

Regards, Invader  :cool:

5 review(s) found for barbieisaslut linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

I also saw her on Sunday morning in her camper parked up in Taunton.  Excellent service well delivered.  Very dirty.

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Campervan huh! Gives new meaning to the term "field report" . ;)
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