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Author Topic: MELISSA Hot GFE OWO  (Read 3923 times)

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Offline screamxxx

Hello Guys,


My first review, so excuse if i don't cover it well. I went to see Melissa about a month ago in Hackney downs(East London) in a discrete flat not too far from the station. I was attracted to her picture and decided its time to have my first punt.

I paid £60 for 30mins.

I was told to seat outside her room while she gets ready, a couple of minutes later i was told she is ready. I opened the door and she greeted me pulling me into the room. She smiled and proceeded to kiss me on the lips, her hair was still wet and she apologised she had just come out of the shower. I noticed from there her english is minimal, but i didnt come here to talk.

She has big boobs and ass, which she backed against my crouch and asked "you like?"

I promptly got naked and she said "slow down we have time" - i shouldn't have listened as time went by so quickly.

She asked if i have a girl friend in spanish, she had to translate the word - almost questioning why i am there to fuck her. She went on to wipe my penis as i laid on her bed and sucked my dick. I had no visual of my dick in her mouth but it felt nice, she then proceeded to ride my dick cowgirl style for about a couple of minutes. she asked me if i wanted doggy i said yes, i grabbed her ass and started to ride - she moaned in excitement "come come papi" which i did.

I didnt think my 30mins was up so i asked if we could go another round - she said no only one cum and she could massage me - i really wanted anal so i asked and she told me it would cost me extra.....I will leave the rest out

Overall - her body an 8/10
experience - 6/10

I would recommend her and sure to see her again

Offline dubhcarr

thanks for the review............she looks good but wrong location for me.....shame.....

Offline 3HK

Good review.

She has a couple of reviews on this site, she seems very complimentary to punters, that is her style judging from previous reviews, she has been on the list for a while, seems like a good service provider with a super curvy body, I will see her eventually.
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Online pumps

Her arse/thighs have been pumped up quite abit in the photos, when I saw her in the line up she was fairly streamlined.  Where would we be without photoshop eh.

Thanks for the review op

Offline FCB

Location   London
South East London
Camberwell - SE5
Type of ad:   Independent
Gender:   Female
Age:   28 years old
Ethnicity:   Latina/o
Language:   English, Spanish, Italian, Portugese
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Offline iafd222


New link and photos I think. Must say, looks very tempting.. But these pics are also very beefed up versions of her right pumps?

Offline 3HK

Saw her last week in Hackney. Huge chunky and soft ass. Boobs have slight scarring around the nips. Very thick, I lost it when I saw the ass.

Looks older than the pics on her AW and Viva street, facially not the best but was a good, solid punt, friendly lady, very complimentary, I speak Spanish that may have helped but I think she is cool either way.

£60 for 30mins, ow. Would go again.


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Offline screamxxx

Totally agree on the azz - the first 2 pics currently on AW look more up to date. I will see her again too she was a good first punt for me.

Offline 3HK

Latest pics on her AW are the most accurate and very tempting. The body is made for sex, the ass has to be one of the best I've experienced.

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