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Author Topic: Ana B2B massage, time waster - Maidenhead, Berkshire  (Read 359 times)

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Paid: £0
Duration: 0
Services provided: nothing

Called Ana to enquire about a booking.  Got no answer so sent text message.  Got a reply back quickly stating £80.00 for B2B massage which included HE.  I called her and spoke with her.  English was ok, services confirmed and booking made.

Was then sent a text from her with the road name and postcode.

90 minutes before the session and just before I left to get to her, I sent her a text to confirm the booking.  'OK, see you soon' reply received.

The session:
Arrived at location about 10 minutes early and parked up at a car park a few minutes walk from her.  Called her mobile went to voicemail.  Sent her a text to let her know I was nearby and if I could have the flat/house number.

Received no response, waited 5 minutes, made another call and it went to VM.  Waited until 5 minutes after session made another call, straight to VM.  Sent another a few text message a few minutes later.

Waited a total of 15 minutes after the session was due to start and called it.

Have yet to receive a response back.

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