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Thai & Tease XXX


https://www.adultwork.com/2636597 or https://www.adultwork.com/Thai+%26+Tease+XXX

I saw her when she was still in west ealing 5 months ago

Communication: I gave her a call and she had a nice english accent to my surprise, so I thought "this must be legit"

Location: Was on the west ealing main road, so nothing to worry about and a small reasonable clean flat next to a kebab shop

Appearance: I personally thought this girl was fucking beautiful, she had a great face and a nice ass to go with it.

The punt

I was originally going to do 30 mins but I opted for a quickie, here is why.

I got to the location and she text me her door number, I then proceed to make my way up the stairs and on my right I see a lady in the kitchen which didn't make eye contact to me. At this point it was already feeling akward

She shows me to her room which is right in the middle of the kitchen and living room (flat only has one room) at that point I realise there is a big fat gap on the top side of the wall for ventilation between the living room and the room if that makes sense so essentialy you can hear her partner watching tv and commenting on the football match

After I realised this I felt awkward but hey, she gave a fantastic blowjob and I fucked her in doggy style. She has a very nice round ass which I enjoyed pounding. After a while I said "fuck this, I paid good money" so I began smashing her backdoors in even harder and being really loud making it awkward for the other people in the room. Eventually I popped and the punt was done

I AGAIN crossed paths with this lady in the kitchen which gave me no eye contact.

I would possibly see her again, the situation of her having people over in her house and it being SO OBVIOUS is what kind of put me off, or else this could've been a positive review as she's very smily and bubbly
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