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Author Topic: Milena - hot collection  (Read 358 times)

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Regular favourites Caroline and Charlotte weren't available so took a chance on Milena.
Milena opened the door and was definitely not what I expecting! Covered head to toe in tattoos which have either been airbrushed out or a recent addition. Not my cup of tea, added to that whoever photographed her for the website needs to be paid handsomely - complete transformation!!

Made my excuses and got the heck out of there and saved myself £180!!!

Offline Jay72

Impossible to know what the girls look like with all these agency photos (not only Hot Collection). I do wonder whether publishing genuine photos would actually be a business winner - it would with my own custom.... all the photoshopped photos put me off.

Offline jstrongerrrrr

i've mentioned this in a previous thread but I was amazed at how muscly Charlotte was - like full-on body builder - great service but  her unadvertised figure was a real headfuck.
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