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Author Topic: AlexiaHeart - Cardiff  (Read 385 times)

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Cardiff bay apartment not far from Asda


£220 for 90 minutes

Easy to talk to and arrange the meet, appeared willing and up for anything.

Alexia is an ok looking girl, girl next store look but not one from a fantasy as she is rather plain looking but not a bad body so wasn't too disappointed.
However she was very timid and would probably have talked through the entire booking if I'd let her.

Kissing was soft and gentle but like on a first date with a nervous partner and not like seeing an experienced prossie.

Oral was covered and wasn't very deep and a bit disappointing.

Moved into mish and she did get more interactive and while it wasn't a bad fuck but the little moans and sighs were obviously fake. Came all over her tits at the end which wasn't a bad sight.

Cleaned up and after a quick 69 she suggested doggy, and wanted me to fuck her in front of the mirror. Not a bad view and while she didn't like it too hard did manage a 2nd pop before the end of the meet.

It wasn't a bad punt as she did start getting into it more once we got down to it but still not good enough for a positive review I'd say

7 review(s) found for Little Miss Vixen linked to in above post (6 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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