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Author Topic: Maggie Ross  (Read 820 times)

Offline Pspmania

Hello people,

First time posting. I'm looking to get a prostate massage with Maggie Ross from http://www.kensingtonmassagereiki.com/. Anybody had some experience with her? What should I expect? I know she's on the older side 50+ but I'm looking for experience not beauty. Other reccomendations are welcome. Cheers

That picture of Maggie is about 30 years old, she is in her mid 50's I would say, talks a lot, some crazy stuff, conspiracy theories, health foods etc. Good tits for her age, but a mid 50-s body which is sagging in areas. Right, onto the face, it has gone dramatically downhill, not attractive at all. The service, it varies, sometimes she goes into FS if you get on well, has an untrimmed bush, and quite paranoid about hygiene I think so no fingers in pussy from what I can remember, it's an odd punt overall. I don't think she is a prostate expert, but she will put a finger in your bum.

Haven't seen her but was told by a couple of FBSM buddies that she used to charge £69 and always insisted on giving you back your pound from the £70 you might have proffered, along with a bottle of water!

Offline sonyvaio

Sounds about right, I would have said, crazy but sweet with it, really nice figure for her age, she is a bit paranoid about hygiene. She does say she is good at prostate, but I have never tried.

Overall I have enjoyed the times I have seen her, as you cantune out the crazy topics of conversation, but word of warning, she talks all the time!

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