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Author Topic: Green and Natural Chinese Massage Long Eaton  (Read 1745 times)

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£50 Half an hour with a Happy Ending. I fucked Sexy Maya again yesterday and due to unforseen circumstances found myself in the not so glamorous vicinity of Long Eaton. I remembered reading a review of this place where a punter had a brilliant four hand massage. I've been trying to control my punting by not carrying much cash on me as at the moment if I find I have a spare hour I end up shagging a Thai prostitute. I like them. However it's got to the point where I can't look back at the fun I've had due to the volume of punting I've done this year. I checked my wallet/phone case and saw that I had £60. Just under the amount required for a half hour of OWO on Nether Street.
The middle aged parlour manageress greeted me with a smile as she looked me up and down "You call me earlier?"
"No!" I knew then that someone else would be disappointed and not me this time. I had only popped in to check out the establishment and see what was on offer, honest! She looked hurt when I asked what girls were working today and I felt sorry for her so lied that she was very pretty and booked a cheap half hour rubadub.
You aren't interested but she gave a proper hard Diploma on the wall type of massage. She occasionally checked her ipad for bookings and answered the door to one of you to say come back in haf 'our. Meanwhile I listened to the fingerplucking on The Sound of Silence and followed Enya over the Welsh landscape.
She started an oiled up wank that caused such a sensory overload that I couldn't tell if Willy was hard or soft. I had to look down to check that the old blighter hadn't let me down. So I reached that plateau that we spent years climbing to. A state of controlled sexuality, aroused and able to feel as if one is the cock. Time space and ego cease and I was completely in the moment
"Five minutes left"  Thanks for that Manageress! I didn't grope her or ask for topless because I didn't fancy her. I somehow managed to come and she continued to caress me and tease my bottom. I later advised her that announcing the remaining time could have delayed the climax but she went inscrutable on me
I'll go back as I've swapped wanking for punting. If I revisit I'll go for the four hand massage. Next time I leave home I should only carry £40.

Ive been a couple of time and enjoyed it. Decent enough massage. Think I had a girl by the name of jasmine..

Offline Iloveoral

I drove past there the other day wondering what it was like, couldn't miss the green building, there's also another Chinese massage near the roundabout at Asda up the road, I'd seen photos on AW of a blurred out face for one near Asda, thank fuck they were blurred as the girl was looking out of the window was ugly as sin, same day girl from the profile with tatoo's. .

Was the HE a tenner?
I notice the 4 hands there is advertised at £70/ hour which I'm interested in.

I tried Maya again yesterday but still no answer from her phone, it was around 9.30pm so either to late or she was busy.

The services provided are not up to the level that you and I are accustomed to. It's crap, but I thought an old fashioned massage from an ugly woman would help me appreciate the absolute beauties that I've been spoilt by.  However, I will probably try the 4 hand massage and if it's as good as the 4 hands massage I received at the old Rub on Derby Road from Layla + 1 it will be worth it. Maya has a deep voice btw!

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