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Author Topic: Incall recommendations in Sheff  (Read 909 times)

Signed up here a few week back and stuck to being a voyeaur until now.  Any recommendations for Sheff based girls.  I like slimmer girls, talk or short.. Looking for a good GFE session.

I've been going to Sheff parlours for about 5 years, mainly Paradise Studio and GFE and Honeypot, but fancy a new experience. 

I've joined AW, but finding it hard to workout who may be genuine, so any reco much appreciated.

Online mrfishyfoo

If you get the Awank link and paste it into the search bar in the top right that should get you going.

Heres a nice example of a FAF size 6/8 Indian lass who is on tour in Sheffield this week. Think I may podge her myself before she fucks off to Hull.


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Cheers for link. Will paste some up as few I've put a few on my AW HL.....

Forgive my ignorance, but what does FAF mean?

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Offline mediumjoe

   Hi I  agree I was one of those seven positive posters for angel Marie can definitely recommend very nice girl. Ooh I'm coming  over all fluffy .Joe

Aye, seen her profile.  She is def in my probably list. Anyone had the joy of

Offline mediumjoe

Don , incomplete link needs a number on it ,

Offline enrique87

lol I know what you mean.. Sheffield scene quite dry recently. Always the same bunch :(

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Offline Mark76

I'm a fan of Maria. Probably seen her a dozen times now. But my preference would be for sexy sensual Sophie. Thursday's only. Get on with her and her private menu increases lots. You'll get a true GFE with pure filth too if you want it.
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Thanks all. Looks like Sophie with that endorsement....but any other recs gratefully received.

What area of Sheff is Sophie in? And Maria for that matter?

Offline mediumjoe

   How on earth have I missed SS Sophie ,what a milf,  not very good at maths though, two half hours as it is cheaper than the hour .  If it was me I have them both one in the morning and one in the afternoon . 2  Half hours for £110 you can't get better than that. Joe

Offline Mark76

If you like owo and cim you ned to read the small print. It's included in an hour but not in 30 minutes.

Her pics don't do her justice.
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Just called Sophie who is able to see me tomorrow. Need to call before to confirm before but looking good. Horny Hannah will have to wait for another day I think.

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