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Author Topic: Erin Hot Collection  (Read 407 times)

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Offline jstrongerrrrr

Location: Top floor flat off Gloucester Road

Wasn't able to see the lady I wanted, failed with another and then booked Erin on a whim owing to her outrageously attractive profile photos. I actually booked her through another agency but she is on with many and as Hot Collection is a regular thread on UKP, I thought I'd add to their review list. I must state that this is a negative/borderline neutral review where I had limited time with a very sexy Russian who seemed in a huge rush to fuck me and get me out of the door ASAP.
The walk to the top of the building is a work out in itself, I must have gone up six flights of stairs and was greeted by the girl in the photos - obviously a fair amount of photoshop, she's a little bit bigger but super sexy/filthy looking she greeted me with a giggle and a big smile. Was immediately offered the chance of a 3some and was introduced to her flatmate Crystal who is also very dirty looking (possible sisters?). I declined, had a shower and moved to the spotlessly clean bedroom upstairs. I asked if I could give her a massage, she giggled, english is limited I think and she threw me on the bed, oiled up my back and proceeded to rim me hard and lick my cock and balls from behind.
She flipped me over straight on with a condom, which I said no to but she ignored me and lots of deep throat. She then whacked on loads of lube onto her pussy, and jumped on my cock and began riding like a banshee. Seriously hot, good FK, not deep but decent I nearly popped and had to tell her to stop. We changed position I tried RO and got a mouthful of lube so stopped that, hammered away with her legs by her head and I came pretty quickly. I asked if we could go again, to which she seemed reluctant, so I showered up and was out of the door 35 mins after arriving.
Hot girl, rushed and limited service, doesnt listen or understand instruction - waste of £200.
Banning reason: White-knight slagging of membership

Shame you had a shitty punt mate, I always avoid agency women in London

Not worth the hassle

Offline Jay72

A mouthful of lube.... is that a Russian thing cos thats what tends to happen with them in my experience!

Offline jstrongerrrrr

fuck knows - didn't realise she had put so much on - my fault for trying to initiate RO when it clearly wasn't in her routine.
Banning reason: White-knight slagging of membership

Thanks for the review - was considering seeing her yesterday given her smoking hot pics but always wary of the Russians on HC so decided to go instead with Caroline who happened to be available.

Girls like this would be perfect for 30 min sessions.

She was on my list, thanks for taking the bullet J, she sounds like she has all the gifts but not the attitude, what a waste. The Russian birds tend to be awesome or shite, very little middle ground.

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