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Author Topic: Hot.Amanda.24 Hull  (Read 308 times)

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Online hullad

I have noticed a lack of Polish totty around , loads of Romanian skanks but no Poles. I noticed this one last Friday on AW and was soon in contact sorting out a suitable time and date. This seemed to go well and all was set for today, sometime over the weekend the whole thing started to unravel, she vanished of AW for a start and at that point I should have done one. I text her and explained about the missing account, now we have all heard stories on how AW kick some innocent parties off and leave obvious thieves and vagabonds on. After a text exchange I decided to continue as she seemed genuine enough, this morning I sent the usual confirmation of meeting text I always send and she sent me back the post code, all regular enough.

Get to the street in Hull, off Beverley rd in the "little Poland" district of the city I parked my car in town and walked up. I text her for the house number and she text back  9 ..... I walked down the street on time and knocked on the door.................

Yes you guessed done up like a kipper no answer, even text her telling her I was outside, what a complete plank I am at times. I suddenly felt exposed and wnet swiftly to the end of the street catching the first bus I saw into town. I got off in town and dodged through to my car parked in the large multi story .................. no more texts sent or received, I have just got a new sim for the phone and after trying to arrange something else gave that up as a bad idea.

I can not put up a link because she has vanished , I will keep my eyes open for her re appearing and add it to this thread. I know what her real name is because the dozy bint uses her mobile on facebook and finding out where she does live would be oh so easy.

Sod it my pride is repairable and my back is broad enough these thinks happen I hope she had a real good laugh but if it stops some one else falling for it ................POLISH SKANK BASTARD   

Offline mediumjoe

What a bitch  , I am fairly new to this, what was it you thought might be about to happen?
   Sounds a bit scary! Joe

Offline stevedave

Sounds like you're having a bit of a bad run hullad, sorry to hear that - hope your next punt is a belter! And look on the bright side, you've still got the cash in your pocket.

I'm a bit confused, was this punt arranged via facebook?! That strikes me as completely and utterly crazy  :scare:

Online hullad

Cheers chaps ... shit happens

I was worried about being followed when it went wrong and did a runaround and changed my puntong sim just in case. I reserve the right to have fun later......

It was all arranged through aw before she did one, lesson being ditch if missing from AW everytime.

Offline mrfishyfoo

Cheers for the review fella.

How did you put it when I recently got blown out of the water ??

Now the punting gods will award you a great punt ....

Well fella I hope that they do.  :thumbsup:

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