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Author Topic: Sexy Sam - Kilwinning Nth Ayrshire  (Read 810 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/1477577 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+Sam+1976

Sam has some decent AW reviews but nothing i could find on here, but i thought why the hell not, I opted for the 30 mins for £50.

Comms were very easy, I called she was busy, but called me right back, meet arranged in the usual manner postcode given and call when nearby.

So far all was looking good, I had arranged to be there around 20:30 as she had said she was working until 21:30...plenty time I'm thinking. On my way there I get caught up in some roadworks and get slightly behind schedule, I ploughed on hoping to make up time, as I got nearby I txt her and said I was not likely to be there until 20:40 would that be ok, she said yes carry on. I finally arrived at 20:45.

I had asked her to wear something specific, she said she would get as close to that as possible...I also asked if she would perform certain things she said aye, no problem. I wanted her in a tight skirt and blouse with stockings and suspenders, and I wanted to watch her finger herself, while I performed some DIY then to finish off with a BJ, nothing too terrible.

When I got there I was met by Sam at the door wearing a kind of basque thingy with stockings etc....no sign of skirt or blouse.....she then informs me that we would need to be quick as she had family coming to her place around 21:30......for me the words 'we need to be quick' are a passion killer...anyway....the service consisted of her taking off her her basque thing, leaving on her knickers and fingering herself around the edge of her knickers.....this was doing nothing for me, so I suggested we move on to the BJ..What she says...I thought you said you would wank yourself off, I reminded her of the telephone conversation, so she relented and started an uncovered BJ....this lasted all of 3 secs then she moved on to trying to rip my clock off my body in the name of a handjob. I called a stop to the proceedings there and then, I got dressed and left, feeling a tad frustrated and not at all amused.

Sam is definitely the lady in the pics from AW, I would say she has lost a bit of weight, but retains those cracking tits, fairly attractive woman...just a pity the service was so hurried and poor. 

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