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Author Topic: Horny Tina, King's Cross  (Read 3324 times)

7 review(s) for Tiffany Full GFE (5 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Sonnylock

Saw Tina few wks ago, but just catching up with reviews.

Link: https://www.adultwork.com/3724078

Saw her after reading a few enthusiastic reviews. I specifically wanted to see her after reading that she's a stripper. Always after some good stripping/lapdancing to get me in the mood.

Was pretty tough to book her, and comms was really confusing. First time i tried, i texted the maid in the morning to hear i can come at 1pm. When i confirmed, the slot already taken, but 3pm would be fine. When i confirmed again, the slot was already gone. I then booked her for the first booking next day, which again was 1pm. Also sent an AW booking request. Next morning when i texted and asked her to confirm 1pm, i suddenly heard the slot is gone, but 2:15 is fine. Wtf? I said screw it, let's move on to the next one, but then got another text saying sorry, the 1pm booking is actually mine. Ok, fair enough...

Location is a well known Swinton St flat neat Kings Cross. Pretty convenient, though not the most luxurious place.

The girl is really tall, dark hair, average face, really hot body. Greeted me in something similar to a swimsuit - didn't quite like the outfit. Not sure if the same girl as in the pictures (pics look younger), but pretty enough nevertheless. Paid £100 for an hour and took a shower.

Of course, i asked her to start with a striptease. She put on some RnB music and startet dancing. It was pretty good, though nothing special, especially for a stripper. she still got me hard moving her ass around in doggy position. From lap dance we starter kissing, then deep french kissing. Then OWO, which was fine, though not spectacular and not that deep. But better than average, with good attention to balls and shaft.

I then lay her down for RO. She was clean and responsive. Moaned and move around quite a bit until she told me she came - hmm, in all that moaning and writhing around i didn't even realize it...

On with condom, i fucked her in mish, then cowgirl. She was surprisingly tight for such a tall and horny girl. After a whie she asked me to change position, as CG is not her favourite one (i found it a bit surprising for a lap dancer). Then fucked her in doggy, which was great. She took quite a pounding till i stood up and asked her to suck me again till i finished in her mouth.

Had a bit of chit chat while she gave a me a massage. She seems a nice girl who knows what ahe's after. She was a stripper in Poland, then ditched the work and came here with her bf, but then dumped him and now just wants to make some money and go back to Poland. Good luck to her. I was a bit surprised she told me she worked non stop for 10h and sees 9 clients a day - wow, that's stamina. Not sure i should be impressed or not.

Overall, a very positive punt and highly recommended. A fit and willing girl, though nothing that special. I would come back, but every once a while, not regularly. I hope she'll stay for longer, though i see her profile now says Glasgow, so she may be gone already. That'd be a shame...

7 review(s) found for Tiffany Full GFE linked to in above post (5 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline mrhappypants

Thanks for your review.  I have added the images current on her profile.  Noted that you are not sure they are her.

Offline Sonnylock

I hope she'll be back.

Re the pics, having looked at it again, i do think it's her.

did she swallow as per profile

yeah she does, although i didnt get that far, i was underwhelmed overall, and just not my type

Offline diamond_dawg

Looks like profile has passed to new girl Your Amber. Anyone had the pleasure?
Banning reason: STD troll

Offline paul_b_1977

I get annoyed by profile swapping in all honesty

I emailed your amber when she was in Crawley last week as no number displayed to find out best way to book as no mobile displayed, they didn't even read but deleted  :thumbsdown:

Offline mrhappypants

Yep looks like a profile swop, or as the coppers might say;


Said arse appears to belong to a blond girl.  Tina was a brunette from the photos?
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Report the profile on AW with evidence of the swap and often they'll pull it. A girl looking like she has 4 positive UKP reviews is not on.

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