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Author Topic: Acu-herbal, South Ealing Road  (Read 711 times)

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Offline Paolo dw

Acuherbal, South Ealing


I've been on the lookout for a walk in massage centre in Ealing for some time and recently discovered this little shop. It's very easy to miss from the outside because it's a half shop. Anyway, you can park outside for 30 mins for free and there is also apparently parking behind the shop. A little bit indiscreet with people sitting outside a cafe a few doors up.

Inside its the usual setup. £30 for 30 mins. Chinese 'masseurs' in or around their 40s. Decent enough figures from what I saw. Nothing special, but not hideous.

Can't remember the name of my masseur. It was a pretty decent massage to be fair with plenty of oil, a mixture of 'professional' massage and reacharounds and swipes. It was one of the few times I thought to myself that if there were no extras I wouldn't be that pissed off.

Eventually I turn over and she offers nudes b2b and HE for a negotiated £40. Before she starts she pulls out the wipes, gives my cock and hands a good wipe and then, this is a first, she uses one of those sanitisers on my hands. 

She then piles on the oil and I feel like one of those seabirds after an oil spill. I'm coated in the stuff. She rolls her very nice tits over and around my mouth, just slowly enough for me to have a little gobble whilst I cop a good feel. So far so good! Eventually I unload a decent amount all over myself. Job done she uses some wipes and tissues to clean me up. I ask for a shower because I'm slippery as an eel and my face is shining with oil which is when she tells me that they don't have a shower!

So basically I then have to head home with a lingering smell of oil all over me, oily hands, body and a glistening face. For me a shower isn't necessarily a deal breaker, but if you are going to smother someone in oil then at least mention first that there are no shower facilities.

For this I'm giving a negative. If you're heading home after a visit, there's a hell of a lot of evidence that you've been up to something. And I was heading home!

Ealing really needs to up its massage game in my view. There is a real need  for a Natural Ways or Sala Thai type place.

Offline Jonestown

The rooms in South Ealing road are tiny, way too small, and as you say, there are no showering or even basic washing facilities.

Try this place, quite close by, with all the facilities you require, a flat mind you, not a shop :-

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Offline Paolo dw

Thanks you. I shall certainly give that place a visit. Are there multiple 'therapists' or just the one?

Offline Jonestown

Two girls every day, £60 for one hour inc HR; most will do B2B for +£20.

One stop on the tube from South Ealing.
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Offline Kamaka

Two girls every day, £60 for one hour inc HR; most will do B2B for +£20.

One stop on the tube from South Ealing.
I can vouch for the Northfields place, it's just a short walk from the station. Decent shower. Cheaper and cleaner too. No upselling unlike Acu-herb.
Must go again sometime.
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Very sorry you had a bad punt Paulo, but brave of you to take flowers home for the missus as if nothing happened after....

Offline Paolo dw

I know how that bloke felt. On a hot day you could have made a fry-up my torso. Thankfully the OH was out when i got home because that could have been awkward.

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